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IMG_0774, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Eh, this wasn’t doesn’t really speak to me too much but I did like how the red brings out the red of the door.

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  • I’m still really pissed that those vandals bent it funny

  • It’s kind of neat. But it falls prey to the same things that many pieces of modern art do. I understand that modern art is not supposed to be allegorical, it’s about exploring materials and process, and that the ‘art’ is in the making of it. And this one explores the process of bending a pipe. Okay, I now have a deeper understanding of how metal kinks. And that’s the problem – we’re all getting deeper understandings of boring stuff. I mean, how much more can people really do with sheet metal that is going to move people?

  • It looks like a digestive tract.

  • Giant Twizzler – cool!

  • In a city where much public/open/viewable art tries to do too much, I find this intensely awesome. You can’t please everybody. It is what it is. A mad, staggering aorta. I want one.

    Sixteen thousand thumbs up.

  • Actually Larchie, you don’t get it. Every piece of art you see isn’t going to move you off your feet. Every piece of art isn’t meant to move you off your feet.

    But you don’t have to like it, no one’s twisting your arm.

  • anybody remember The Snorks? This is the snork thingie on their heads!

  • The Angry Inch

  • So that’s why my internet has been slow – someone bent one of the “series of tubes”.

  • Mmmmm reminds me of slurpees

  • @Divine, Perhaps my comment came across as more negative than intended. I acutally like this one. It has some personality. However I DO think that welded steel painted in bright colors is kind of played out as modern public art pieces. I think people’s reactions to them today are much more muted than when objects like this first started being placed in the 1970’s. Personally I’d be excited about a fresher approach.

  • Divine, art that isn’t meant to move you off your feet is art not worth persuing, it’s a waste of time, energy and materials. You are way off-base here.

    I agree with Larchie that in concept this kind of art is fine, but in execution it’s been done to death.

  • “art that isn’t meant to move you off your feet is art not worth persuing”

    I disagree.

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