El Tamarindo Applies For Outdoor Seating


El Tamarindo is located at 1785 Florida Ave, NW. I know winter is coming up but I think if this section of Florida Ave. get some outdoor seating it will really improve the overall feel of the block. They are only applying for a spot to seat 14 people. Looking forward to it!

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  • They have applied in the past and it has been denied. Bad location for outdoor seating – next to parking and if they install the chairs and tables there is basically no sidewalk left taking into account the traffic signals and ADA ramp – doubt it will happen.

  • Agree with first commenter ontheDCline. Narrow section of a very busy (and dangerous) intersection for pedestrians: Florida Avenue, U Street, 18th Street, and Vernon Street all converge there.

  • That entire intersection should be re-engineered! Just plain brutal for pedestrian, bikers, and autoinsulars alike. I would be hesitant to sit there on a hot summer day with all the auto exhaust and noise.

  • WTF is an autoinsular?

    Anyway, they should put seating on the roof instead. That’s a lot of wasted space up there.

  • The chocolate store next door to Tamarindo has very nice (and popular) outdoor. The intersection itself isn’t the problem, it’s the awkward narrowing of the sidewalk at that corner. Unless they converted that little parking lot into a deck, I don’t see outdoor seating happening. Too bad, Tamarindo has very decently priced (and tasty) food.

  • They are redoing that intersection.
    Pretty major ovehaul is on the table

  • dear god in heaven, i hope they’re not going to use the PARKING SPACE for the outdoor area!!!!

  • An auto driver who forgets that pedestrians are alive and do things like nearly run them over and get angry if the human is in the way of the steel alloy machine and the time piece, I guess.

  • The grand 18th Street Streetscape reconstruction begins soon at this intersection and goes North all the way to Columbia Road for “15 months” along both sides of 18th Street:


    Here’s the design of this intersection with the new exposed aggregate sidewalks, bulbouts at crosswalks, new lighting, benches, bike racks, etc.:


  • I love the carne asada

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