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  • Do you think you could find out what’s happening to the Shepard Fairey Obama art on that wall there? It bothers me that they’d just cover it up, since he put those posters up there, and they’re probably worth something.

  • Combined bakery and wine bar? Interesting combination.

  • @ Patrick:
    I have been wondering the same thing! PoP, please find out. I almost wondered if the art would be a part of the interior wall? It seems really odd that they would cover it up.

  • Hmm…now I can get obliterated while eating a pie. Huzzah!

  • I’m completely in agreement with the Fairey art posters being incorporated somehow… I also think it’s somewhat symbolic/ironic/insert-whatever-you-feel-about-gentrification-here that it says “PROGRESS” in big letters on the Obama-Fairey poster that will likely be covered.

  • Its moments like these that i realize how long I’ve lived in DC (10 years isn’t that long but I’m astounded by the change)… I remember when Marvin was a Subway where patrons would drink 40’s in brown bags with their subs… and this building was nothing but a giant hole… and the McDonalds didn’t have seating just standing areas…

  • Any word on the Marvin owners opening a place on Georgia Ave, up in Petworth? I thought there was some post about that a few months ago.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Bloomingdale – yup it’s still happening. They signed a deal. I don’t have a timeline yet on when it will open but will certainly post with updates as construction begins etc.

  • The Obama installation was probably intended to be temporary, anyway. It’s kind of neat to think that if it’s still back there now, someone will rediscover it someday when the building is torn down. Sort of a time capsule.

    And isn’t this just about the fastest any building has ever been built in the District? It seems like just yesterday this was a vacant lot.

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