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Deck Duck?
Photo by PoPville Flickr user Tyrannous

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant: my dirtbike was stolen last night.

    Rave: insurance and police were nice enough. Still haven’t found it…

  • Rave: Beautiful fall picnic on Sunday at Great Falls National Park, perfect weather, gorgeous leaves, good friends

    Rant: That Donald Duck will haunt my nightmares

    Rumination: Having friends over for dinner on Thursday and I have no idea what to make…

  • Rave: gorgeous walk through Rock Creek Park yesterday
    Rant: not once during my 3+ mile walk did I hear even one bicycle ring a bell to warn us that they were about to pass — granted, after over a mile of not knowing whether we were about to be run over by a speeding biker, we hopped onto a pedestrian-only path for the remainder of our walk.

  • Rave: all the yankees haters – boo hoo the yankees are ALL that is wrong with baseball. You just hate that we can spend that much money on a team because our fan base is incredible and we have tons of endorsements and a loaded owner. NEWSFLASH – whenever we spend an inordinate amount of money on a player, we don’t win that year. It’s about training that player to be a YANKEE.

    Rave: the Yanks 🙂

    Rant: flat tire on my bike 🙁 chain needs to be tightened along with the brakes. Not too big a deal, just means I can’t ride tonight!

  • Hard to top a severed duck head mounted to your porch. Is this meant as a grim warning to other cartoon characters?

  • lordscarlet

    Rant: The bicyclist that spit in my face through the car window Sunday morning because I gave him a polite (honestly) honk for riding the wrong direction on a one-way street toward me.

  • Rave: Went back to Fusion after a while away, and it’s still absolutely delicious. Interior looks even nicer than I remembered! It was empty when we arrived around 7:15 on Friday evening, but had quite a few happy tables by the time we left.

    Rant: Shots fired in my alley last night. We called the police and neighbors did too, but I haven’t seen any info on it yet. It was freaking loud and scary.

  • “It’s about training that player to be a YANKEE”

    The yanks don’t develop talent. They have one the worst farm systems in the majors. They get big name players through free agency.

    Also, they spent half a billion this past offseason on contracts, not exactly helping your argument that the yanks don’t win when they spend money.

  • Rant: I was talkign to this awesome guy. Turns out he was not so awesome. He has some skanky hipster chick in NYC on the side. After he flaked for the second time the truth came out. I hate men. Theyre so effin disappointing. I think its time for a man fast.

    Rant2: Grad school is easy. I know this should be a rave, but I am getting good grades and barely trying and it makes me feel dirty.

    Rave: Uh. I have tomorrow off from work/school. So theres that.

  • Rave: After feeling sick all week I was able to go for a run outside on Sunday. And I love the Donald Duck head, where is that?

    Rant: Groups of teens walking 6 wide on sidewalks and refusing to move when someone is coming in the opposite direction.

  • F the Skankees come on Phillies!!!!

    PoP, are you feeling better?

    Rave: Duck head ranks up there with the girl with the cat head picture. Was that last year?

  • Rave: Spent 5 hours at the Korean spa with my girlfriends. We had an awesome time doing nothing but being pampered. Got home and was exhausted from being pampered and had to go to bed early!

    Rant: None…had an awesome day at the spa. How could I rant after that?!

  • It is funny that the Yankees fan had to launch a preliminary strike against all the “haters.” In recent years, training a player to be a “Yankee” seems to be mean training them to be a “choker” and a “loser!”

    The Battle lines are drawn, time to take on the Evil Empire! GO PHILS!

  • Like all good things, ChurchKey/Birch and Barley will soon be overrun with the bridge and tunnel crowd. I only hope that this does not happen until I have thoroughly enjoyed my fill and moved on to the next new, new thing.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thanks for asking @MK. I’m feeling about 90% better. I was a bit too ambitious yesterday on my walkabout – 16 miles covered that kinda kicked the crap out of me. For those curious the 16 miles was Petworth, Columbia Heights, Shaw, Dupont, Kalorama, Georgetown, back through Glover Park, Cleveland Park, Mt. Pleasant, Columbia Heights and Petworth again. Fortunately it was a beautiful day to kick the crap out of myself. I also may have went to a party Sat. night nearly destroying myself completely…

  • Rant: Mal’s New York attitude.

    Rave: Beauty of hike on Skyline Drive yesterday.

    Rant2: Drive home from Shenandoahs was Bay Bridge-like. (I know, what did I expect?)

  • @lordscarlet – good for you, slapping that cyclist on the wrist for riding the wrong way!

    Rave: Had a good weekend with the fam, did 6 loads of laundry without missing a beat, and successfully avoiding the Marine Corps Marathon!

    Rant: Didn’t see the boyfriend much this weekend, and don’t have much free time anymore now that I’m taking this LSAT class…

  • @Anon 1:01, Birch&Barley/ChurchKey IS the “bridge and tunnel” crowd. This is NRG’s first spot NOT in the burbs.

  • Rave: Carved my pumpkin last night with an awesome Twilight pattern!

    Rave1: Spent all of Saturday curled up on my bed…and watched four hours straight of America’s Next Top Model. It was fantastic.

    Rant: My fish died on Friday night. :*( He was my friend for three years

  • Rave: Beautiful Autumn weather. Raking wet leaves knowing they’ll make the best compost come Spring.

    Real Rave: Buyers are back big time !

    I get to close on another apartment this week; second one this month.

    Rant (sort of): Being the purveyor of 2009 high end museum kitchens.

    -Funny how the fancy Wolf range and ovens and the solid, perfectly level granite countertops never get any use and just lay there like art on the wall. Pity.

  • It wasn’t a preemptive strike! I was directing that at all my friends who are Phillies fans and hating on my pinstripe pride. Also directed at the dude who said the Yanks are all that is wrong with baseball on Friday’s RRRoR. And sorry to say but the Yanks have a ton of homegrown talent on their team – Jeter, Cano, Posada, Rivera, Pettitte, Chamberlain, Hughes…

    What’s wrong with a little New York attitude? At least the Yanks take the money they make off of fans and invest it in the team instead of pocketing the profits like some teams I know.

  • Rave: Ran the Marine Corps marathon yesterday!
    Rant: Can barely walk today.

  • Rave: all the pretty Fall colors!

  • Hey, indc, what was the naked factor at the korean spa? I’ve been sort of tempted to try it, but am not into public nudity– other people’s, especially.

  • Rave: Just ran into a free ticket to the Skins/Eagles game tonight.

    It’s a Rave Because: I am Raven’s fan, so watching this game won’t make me sick to my stomach. It will be more like being in Rome, watching the gladiators duke it out before the lions are released and puts everyone out of their misery. You know, without the lions anyway.

    Rant: Even though I am not a fan of his team, the fact that Snyder is allowed to own this team any longer makes me angry as a fan of good business ownership in general.

  • Rave: JJsCheesteaks finally opened! I had 4 of them over a 3 day period.

    Rant: My Dockers are a little snug today and not in the good places.

  • Raves:
    SeventhHill Pizza means I no longer have to drive x-town to Two Amy’s -Their pizza is fantastic -Beer selection is good too
    Frager’s Hardware had the replacement radiator valve to stop my leaks
    Exterior window trim is nearly painted
    My DC rain barrel filled up properly

    Can’t use the rain barrel to fill my washing machine.
    Home Depot in Brenthood.
    DPW for a craptastic job filling in the potholes in my alley.

  • saf

    “What’s wrong with a little New York attitude? ”

    Well, you ARE in DC. DC attitude would be better.

    (Nats fan here)

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