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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • Rave: lovvve that picture!

    Rave: love my job… especially now that I’ve gotten to know everyone better after 1.5 years here.

    Rant: not enough sleep this week…

    Rant: Yanks lost last night… We’ll get em Saturday!

    Disclaimer: I’m a born and raised Yankees fan, not some wagon jumper – my dad grew up just outside of NYC in jersey, and my mom grew up in upstate New York.

  • Rant: Today is soooooo freakin’ depressing! I feel like I am all alone on this planet.

    Rave: none

  • @ blah: Hang in there! Maybe try listening to your favorite cd-that tends to cheer me up when I’m feeling down.

    Rave: Dinner & drinks at Zaytinya after work, then attending the Hirshhorn After Hours event tonight.

  • rant: realized a few weeks after picking up this part time job that, no, I really was right the first time, ..I do Not like having a boss.

    rave: getting paid a bit more, and should appreciate that for what it is. i am young. just restless.

  • Rave: I’m on the “Mobile Giving” strategy group at the non-profit where I work.
    Rant: I seem to be twice the age of everyone else.

  • Herb, is “mobile giving” what those Greenpeace/ACLU/CARE kids all over downtown are after?

    Rave: that photo.

  • Rant: Very long hard week at work!
    Rave: Got out to the park yesterday to practice drumming. What a beautiful afternoon!

  • Rant: people stealing my handle on PoP…guess that’ll teach me to register
    Rave: an underplanned weekend…what to do? The world is my oyster!

  • Rave: A most beautiful girl stood behind me in line at the safeway last night.

    Rant: Tongue tied as usual, so lame.

  • Blah — something about October 23 in particular and feeling depressed. It’s almost like a holiday in my book. Hang in there, you never know what’s around the next corner.

    Rave: The sky yesterday, the blue, the awesome clouds were all absolutely incredible!

  • Rave:
    Busy weekend lined up

    Too many stray cats on my street

  • Rave: the lovely people on PoP are making me come out of this funk. Thanks!

  • Been on jury duty all week. Sat around waiting for witnesses for two days of the week. Supposed “two day trial” (according to the judge), continued through at least Monday and Tuesday due to “witness issues.” Why is it that one person feels it is ok to hold up 20 people for 6 days?

  • @WDC: not sure what the Greenpeace/ACLU/CARE kids are doing but “mobile giving/fundraising” allows non-profits to raise money from people using their cell phones to text something like “Help” to a short easy to remember number to donate $5 or $10.

  • QRS: stray cats mean less mice and rats. Or at least they did in my alley, so we are very happy with our four outside cats. If you want to make sure they don’t reproduce, call the Humane Society. They have a great trap, neuter, and release program. If they’ve already been neutered, one ear will be “tipped” (i.e., no point, just straight across). You may have to look closely to tell.

    Rave: a good friend is getting married this weekend, and my mom is coming down to take care of the baby so my husband and I get 24 hours to ourselves for the first time in almost 7 months.

    Rane: my mom has to go home at some point.

  • Rant: Riding through Georgetown last night I noticed no fewer than four patrol cars just parked with the cops hangin’ out surfing on their iphones. WTF! Isn’t there a gang war in Shaw, or random shootings in Petworth you could be attending to!

  • Rave: loving new place we’ve moved into in Park View on Irving! Looking forward to hosting friends in the new house this weekend!

    Rant: hate the “Express” 79 bus up GA Ave to Silver Spring for work – commute has doubled from last week in Shaw.

  • @Mel – no excuse. The yanks are everything that are wrong with baseball. For any red sox fans out there, don’t get to excited. The red soxs are just as bad as the yanks only with fans that whine more.

  • Rave: Saturday poker on board the Miss Ann.

    Rant: Too many home fix projects piling up and the holidays are coming.

  • rant: was in boring north hero, vt all week for work
    rave: was in beautiful north hero, vt all week for work
    rant: got up at 330 this morning to get back to dc so i could be in the office
    rave: running the marine corps again on sunday

  • Rave – last day of annoying fundraiser week on WAMU. My kitchen is filthy because I only mop on Sat. during “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,” so it’s been 2 weeks!

    Also, the trees are starting to look gorgeous – lots of color in Rock Creek.

  • Rave – A delicious Talyor hoagie for lunch at teh new location. And it was packed! Like to see it.

    Rave – Cyclocross race this Sunday at Soldier’s Home. 9am to afternoon? It’s a good way to check out the grounds and enjoy a beautiful (forcasted) day

    Rant – No time to train for this year’s race so I’ll just be watching. Last year was fun but waaaay hard for just a daily bike commuter.

  • Good afternoon POP and the Commentariate. hope things are well.

    Rave: got the Boo at the Zoo with Aunt Boo. Pumpkins at Holmstead farm tomorrow. And perhaps a party saturday.

    Rant: I have a gift. The ability to turn a perfectly nice, happy successful woman into an angry spitefull biatch. I would have preffered inteligence or Xray vision but you work with what ya got.

  • Rant: People who become emotionally attached to bus poles. MOVE TO THE REAR PEOPLE!!

    Rant: I have a cold.

    Rave: I got a job interview finally!

  • @rg I would prefer the ability to make sandwiches with my mind.

    Rave: Almost not sick anymore.

    Rave: I effing love fall. And I especially love fall on the Hill. I was just in Montmartre and they were getting ready to open, chopping up huge pumpkins for something delicious. The leaves on East Capitol St. are beautiful, the dogs at Lincoln Park seem to have a little bit more romp in them and the air just smells better. Picked up some root veggies at Eastern Market and threw them in a pan with a chicken to roast for dinner.

    Rant: I swear on All That is Holy that I will win the war with the 2 remaining mice in my kitchen. I whacked their friend with a funnel last week, but it seems these two didn’t find that a sufficient enough warning to heed. I have procured glue traps b/c the snap traps weren’t working (poison’s out b/c I worry about them eating it and then my dumb dog finally remembering that schnauzer’s are supposed to kill rodents and/or them eating the poison then dying in the wall or something). I am not squeamish and don’t give a sh*t about being humane. This is war and they’ve encroached on my territory. I will not have the little bastards settle in for winter. I should have put their friend’s tiny little head on a tiny little stick as a warning to all who dare tread, but after the funnel-whacking it was a little misshapen.

  • Rave: No work today. I had to wait for the furnace man who showed up early this morning and I had the rest of the day to myself. Just woke up from a nap and will head to the Jamaican carryout.

    Rant: None, due to the above.

    Rant: Spoke too soon. The suburan Virginian transplants just came home and are blasting their horrible music. I’ve got to get soundproof windows.

  • Nicole – Rat Zapper – Rat Zapper – Rat Zapper. I know the Mt. Pleasant hardware store sells them, or get one online. Start making mouse sandwiches with your mind! (How do you know there are only 2???)

  • @Victoria, I don’t know their numbers for certain. However, the area in which there is evidence of their existence is very small and contained, so I’m not worried about being overrun. (I know the old adage of once you see one, there are millions more, but that’s never been the case here, thankfully. This is only the third time in 8 years I’ve had to contend with it, and both of the other times, after 3 carcasses turned up, the issue was done. Weird, I know.). Does Rat Zapper kill them, or just chase them away? Because I want them to die. I saw it at Frager’s, but didn’t pick up the package.

  • Nicole — I had smart mice that gratefully eat the peanut butter I put on the snap traps. I even put four traps together and the mice managed to dine w/out dying. But I bought one of the traps where the mice have to go inside to get the bait – that works. These traps are widely available & inexpensive.

  • Rant: I wrote on this blog earler this week that I had never been a victim of while a resident of Petworth. Well, my wallet just got stolen.
    Rave: Small consolation, but my wallet got stolen at my office near Union Station–not in Petworth. Still I think I best not tempt the gods anymore…

  • Rant: Metro is making me want to hurl these days

    Rave: It’s the weekend

  • @nichole; nice call on the sandwiches. And did you remember to nail the one you got the floor, to scare the other mice?? This always comes up and people forget.

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