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  • Awesome photo!

  • Those young hoodlums are up to no good. And clearly the one on the left is flashing a “gang sign.” Why aren’t these thugs in school? And where are their parents? Out smoking crack, I’ll wager.

  • monkeyrotica – Easy there! You went off the deep end, jeez!!

  • Always love the Bogotron! Would really love it if, whenever good photos are posted, the photog could include a little bit of how the shot was got – not “artistic statement” claptrap – but a sentence or two about what made you see that particular moment, angle, lighting etc.

  • Mokeyerotica – you are always good for a laugh first DCist and now PoP. Keep it up – soon all will be able to understand e-sarcasm.

  • Thanks again folks –

    Victoria I’ll be happy to indulge although it probably isn’t very interesting (and I also hate artistic statement claptrap). I guess when I’m shooting in the street there are those moments that come together a little more deliberately and allow for a bit more time to frame, and those which are quick “grab” shots where the moment is fleeting and something unfolds very quickly and I’ll just trip the shutter once or twice and hope it turns out okay. This was definitely one of the latter, I was passing these kids on the sidewalk with their parents, the one boy put his arm around the other, it looked like a nice moment and I tried to get a good angle and took a shot.

    I use a camera with manual focus and manual settings, so when I’m in the street I’m constantly adjusting the controls with the changing lighting conditions, and I’ll even prefocus a set distance, around 2-3 meters, just in case I need to take a shot really quick and don’t have a chance to fine-tune the focus. Street photography is fraught with failure and missed moments, but every once in a while you get a keeper.

    Thanks for looking.

  • This is 10 different types of adorable.

  • Bogotron, I have looked at these posts and your Flickr page. Do you sell prints online or in a store? If not, you really should–you have a great talent. I would love to have some of your work in my home.

  • I remember a post here a few years back that ridiculed someone for suggesting that kids walk through this part of DC unchaperoned. It happens.

  • Hi Neener – I’m sure it does happen, but in this case the parents were present, just out of frame.

    Ms. Pac-Man – Let me know if you would like something, I don’t have anything formal set up but I could certainly get you a print. I owe PoP a print as it is. Best, Mike

  • There are white kids in DC?

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