National Museum of Crime & Punishment to Host Haunted House Oct. 21 – 24 and 28-31


On Monday evening I was able to get a sneak preview of the National Museum of Crime & Punishment’s Haunted House tour. The museum is located at 575 7th St, NW in Penn Quarter.


The museum says:

“From 1916-1960 125 men were executed in the Tennessee Electric Chair. In 2008, the chair made its way to the National Museum of Crime & Punishment…and so did its ghosts.”

I have to say, while I wasn’t terrified it was lots of fun. Guests must be over 17 years old and tickets cost $20. To get tickets you can purchase them at the front desk of the museum or go buy them online.


A few more photos after the jump though it is much scarier in the dark…




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  • I work in civil rights, specifically, in corrections and police misconduct work, and I have to say that I have always found this museum to be quite perverse. They’ve topped themselves by turning it into a haunted house. It’s simply, grotesque.

  • Only tangentially related, but what’s the best haunted house in the Metro area? I haven’t found a really good one in 6 years of looking.

  • BUZZKILL!!!!

  • hahaha. The ghosts of the executed followed that chair. How funny! Oh, and I just had to look it up and I swear it only took a few minutes, but 70% of those executed in that chair were black. So if those ghosts in the picture were executed in an electric chair, it must have been in Denmark or something.

  • This museum is awful. Please do not spend your money at this place. They hire young black men to walk around in orange jumpsuits as an advertisement. Criminal punishment should not be a source of entertainment.

  • are you kidding me? have you ever watched television? If its not a medical drama its a crime drama. Get over yourselves.

  • The museum likely sucks and exists strictly as a tourist trap, and I haven’t gone in it for those reasons, but it’s no more offensive than any number of non-Smithsonian tourist traps in that same area. And give me a break about the guys handing out brochures in orange jumpsuits — they’re no different than the guys handing out Chinese food menus a block up, the Miller Lite girls handing out samples at bars on Thursday nights a block down, kids wearing chicken suits outside of suburban pizza places, dudes wearing sandwich boards on the side of off-ramps to advertise going out of business furniture sales, or the sign twirlers for new condo developments throughout the Metro area. Not gratifying work, I’m sure, but a job and no more degrading than those others.

  • ahaha please, in these economic times a job is a job and a business can only choose from who walks in the door and wants a job. Tourist trap? DC survives mostly as a tourist trap (other than gov.) No more evil than any other business or restaurant that makes money…and then has jobs.

  • someone please explain why this place is perverse, grotesque, awful and possibly racist… im curious. seriously… ive never been. back up your claims!

  • I was there awhile ago, but the only criminals i remember were white…bonnie & clyde, the mob, serial killers, so I really don’t think race is a problem, unless you’re offended that it’s not shown more. yeah crime is awful, but look at all the crime shows on tv! CSI is pretty gross! (and yet i still watch it) More than half the place is on law enforcement and what happens when you commit crimes, a CSI lab and the America’s Most Wanted tv studio is in the basement. it’s very arbitrary, only you can say if you’ll like it or not.

  • One of the “fun” things to do in this “museum” is to pretend you’re a cop and shoot at video images of real people. The gift shop sells t-shirts that have a picture of a cop and a handcuffed woman with the slogan “Women can’t resist me.” I guess people are entertained and offended by different things, but I find this place disturbing.

  • I object!

  • I thought it was pretty ballsy (in a bad way) for a schlocky museum such as this to open its doors as the “National” Museum of Crime in Punishment, even more so to do it in the nation’s capital within spitting distance of actual U.S. museums and the Smithsonian (same complaint with the Spy Museum, but the level of idiot that would think the title “International” actually means anything would be remarkable.

    Dumb down, people, dumb, dumb down…

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