Judging Buildings – TD Bank


I know it’s a bank but I still thought it was worth noting as it is new construction. It is located on Wisconsin Ave near Q Street, NW. I think it looks pretty cool. I’m particularly liking the windows on the side. What do you guys think – thumbs up or down?

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  • I’ve walked past this site a lot, and the biggest problem is the suburban design in the middle of the city – it has a parking lot next to it with a curb cut. Bank branches are notoriously poorly designed in this way, the idea always being to have room for a drive-through. But the building itself looks nice.

  • thumbs up. They’ve scaled and patterned the street-front facade to mimic the rhythm of row houses in the area. I’m guessing the steel structures on the side facade windows are trellises for growing plants?

    I’m not a fan of parking lots but they are a necessary fact of life. Sometimes people need cars, and sometimes these people need to go to banks. Not providing parking just means double parked cars. And in this case they’ve made an effort to add some landscaping to make the parking less of a alienating wasteland for passersby.

  • Walked past this the other day and thought it stuck out in this space. All that glass probably makes for a nice interior space, but doesn’t complement surrounding area well.

  • I love it.

  • Very nice.
    Glass walls, big deal. Sure beats plain brick ones.
    When those (presumed trellises?) grow in, it will have a neat effect, inside and out.

  • Ha! I looked quickly at the picture and thought it was the artist’s / architect’s rendition of what it would look like once completed (something about the angle of the bank, the white building on the left contrasting with the red brick and glass, along with the obligatory people walking or awkwardly standing in front of the new building, all who don’t look quite to scale).

  • Is this the location of the old Reed Electric building? That business needed parking not only for customers, many of whom were contractors, but for their own truck fleet. A bank in GT? driving to that traffic-choked stretch makes it a joke to think of driving there for “convenience.”

  • There is also a gas station right next to that parking lot, so it doesn’t look out of place at all.

  • what are the strange metal things on the side of the building? That part looks weird… what is that supposed to be, art? It’s fine otherwise…

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