House of the Day

IMG_2185, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I told you Blagden Ave. in Crestwood was pretty sweet. Check out the two decks to the left and the right as well as the gigantic window in the middle. Awesome.

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  • WOW! That’s a gorgeous house. I can’t believe it’s in DC!

  • That’s a sweet house indeed. Too bad they had to ruin it with that ugly-ass satellite dish.

  • I’ve seen that house and it is indeed beautiful. Too bad that more of the front yard wasn’t photographed because the landscaping is nice too.

  • I have seen this house in real life also, the front yard is well landscaped. Unfortunately, you don’t see it in the photograph. Too bad….

  • I request that you get one of the modern houses on Mathewson (not spelled right) right off of Blagden for HOD. A couple of great houses- especially the one on the east side of the street with the green door.

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