Dear PoP – Federal Triangle Metro – overrun with security this morning, 8:39?

“Dear PoP,

Got out at the Federal Triangle Metro at 8:36-7-8 ish this a.m. only to find at least 8 security officers (all different units – different uniforms, two canine) at the station.

Any idea what might have been going on?”

I called WMATA media relations and they said it was probably just a training exercise. Anyone else see a presence at different stations?

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  • I saw this at Ft. Totten a few months ago and asked one of the officers. They said they do this at different stations periodically to show presence and make us feel safer. I told them it has the opposite effect – always reminds me that the Metro could be a great target for an attack and then I get freaked out. They thought that was funny. Jerks.

  • I saw this at Capitol South on Friday morning. I counted at least two MPD, a couple of DHS people and at least two canine teams.

  • The Director General of the WTO was arriving at the Reagan Building around that time. Though he did not arrive by metro, perhaps they were trying to ward off any riff raff?

  • Just there to remind us that the terrorists have won.

  • I saw ’em this morning at Federal Triangle approx. 8:45 am – K9 and all!

  • I saw this at Woodley Park metro during the morning rush hour about a month ago.

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