Sweet City Signs (Re-PoP)


A reader sent in this sign a while ago but I had the opportunity to run across it myself last weekend. It is so amazing I had to re-post for those that missed it. I’d also like to add, from the files of you can’t judge a book by its cover, there were a bunch of “tough” looking fellows sitting out front but when I walked over to take the photo they were unbelievably nice and friendly to me.

But bottom line is that this sign may very well be tops in the city.

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  • I think we have a new winner! I love it a lot.

  • Very cool sign indeed!

  • I no longer need to go to the barber shop since my continents long ago receded.

  • Agreed. This rocks. The simple addition of the barber pole stripes in the background really sets it off…

  • i will now start growing out my hair to see if they can give a curly-haired white guy the “globe ‘fro” from the sign.

  • Oh man that’s great! Andy – you need to send a pic if you can get them to give you the globe fro 🙂

    Also, nice addition of “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”, PoP. I’ve noticed that while standing out front of my apartment, the nicest people are the “tough” looking ones. Sadly, most people avoid eye contact as much as possible. I’m probably thought of that crazy lady who stands in front of New Plaza smiling at all the passersby. Creepy.

  • Somebody should make posters.

  • I am the owner of this barbershop, I would like to thank all of your comments.
    Just in case you guys wanted to know, the art comes exclusively from AM Radio, a collective crew of artist based in the area. Although I love this piece, I have a mural inside of the barbershop that will make you absolutely dizzy with awe. Feel free to drop by!
    business hours Tues.-Sat. 8:30am-7:30pm
    Thank you

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