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IMG_2055, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I know painted brick rowhouses can be a bit contentious but I found a few this weekend that came out pretty good.

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  • Man, when I first hit DC long, long ago, I was completely dazzled by the painted brick rowhouses! I know paint’s technically not the best thing for the brick, but I still love the practice and the way it’s a distinctly Washington thing. I especially like it when, as in this one, details of the brickwork are emphasized by a second color.

    My own Capitol Hill house was once painted. The paint was later removed but bits of it remain in the cracks and pores of the brick. This softens it and sets it off from the never-painted houses in the row as well as from the still-painted ones — and, hey, I love them all in their visual variety!

  • It looks clean and well taken care of.

  • It makes me want a Kit Kat bar everytime I walk by it.

  • Where is this, and what is the address of the awful burnt out place next door?

  • The colors are okay, but the ugly, cheap, white, replacement windows (and tacky Home Depot front door) don’t go with the brown red scheme.

  • The place next door burt out last year or the year before. A woman lived there and she was a horder and so there was a lot of fuel to that fire. Very little has happened since.

    Ummm, Kit Kats….

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