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IMG_1424, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This one is unusual because it’s a double wide. I’ve only seen a few of these around town and I think both are in Mt. P.

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  • oh my god…droool…

  • double wide? who’s got a good redneck joke they’ve been dying to use?

  • I haven’t seen any of these, is it the same length as a normal row house?

  • I love that you call it a “double wide.”

  • Not to get all high-fallutin’, but the proper term would be “5-bay semi-detached home.” A “bay” is the window, and this has 5 across the top…

  • These aren’t that uncommon at the ends of rows. @johnnyReb I don’t think “semi-detached” is accurate for an end-unit row house.

    Nor are they usually especially big. I know exactly where this house is (as I used to live on that street) and what it has in street frontage, it loses in depth. A quick walk into the alley on its left reveals that (as well as a small back yard) because the alley comes in at an angle. The total square footage is probably about the same as a regular row house.

    When an alley or intersection causes a non-square or shallow lot, the original architects built houses that used the space available so a house with roughly the same amount of living space could be built.

  • You know all the ghetto 4plexes around Galludet/etc. I always thought that if those areas ever get revitalized they will end up with a neighborhood full of big double wide residences.

  • the brickwork is lovely

  • There used to be plenty of rednecks in Mt. Pleasant, like 50 years ago.

  • back in johnnyreb’s hayday.

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