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Ha, this is a pretty good one. I had no idea what it was but apparently it comes from a children’s book called “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”. I’d never heard of that book, have you guys?

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  • Yeah, that’s a pretty popular book, and they’ve made an animated movie out of it. It opens September 18th.

  • Hideous Hideous Hideous

  • YES! That is an awesome book! I loved it when I was little, and now I have it and read it to my 6 yr old nephew. Fantastic subject for a tattoo!!

    Oh, and the movie that’s coming out looks stupid.

  • it is a classic…. but in the night kitchen is better! the movie looks terrible and has very little to do with the book. i also think the where the wild things are movie looks awful….

  • That book is so great. Swing by a library and check it out!

  • great book–every year I read it to my kindergarten students and they love it. but i don’t know why anyone would want a tattoo of it…it looks like a big mac. sick.

  • Yes, great book! I loved it when I was little.

  • Great book, better tattoo. Very cool.

  • My favorite book as a kid. Movie looks lousy, though.

  • lordscarlet

    Let’s so don’t a second. The movie version of Where the Wild Things Are looks amazing! How doe sit look awful??

  • Now everyone will think you got the tattoo because of the movie, how lame is that?

  • It was my absolute favorite book as a kid. I recently saw that they turned it into a movie. Saw the preview just a few weeks ago and it looks terrible and doesnt seem to follow the original storyline at all. Bummer!

  • Sleeve tattoos are so played out these days. Can we please have a series of tattoos on other body parts, like maybe “tramp stamp of the week” or something? Or perhaps a “guess where this tattoo is” feature.

  • Oooh, I like Dlocvo’s ideaq of “guess where” for the tattoo of the week.

  • A tattoo of a hamburger from a book for children… Do people not grow up anymore? Are we becoming a society of perpetual children? So tired of the self-indulged kids who grow up to still be children… strange.

  • anonymous 12:16 hits the nail on the head. nothing says class like a chick in a meeting with a butterfly tattoo on her neck. or some kid with a cheeseburger. odd how people show their individualism by doing what everyone else does. anyways,
    i fully support a tramp stamp of the week, thats a great idea. I will try. I think POP should too.

  • That burger tattoo has got nothing on my taco tat.

  • your taco tat has nothing on the happy meal tat on my azz.

  • Man this website attracts some haters!!! Who knew there were so many miserable people in petworth and columbia heights.

  • You have heard of Mya or Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs??

    What kind of a hip blogger are you!

  • have = haven’t

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