Park View Rec Center Gets New Murals

DSCN1923, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

These came out pretty sweet. The Rec Center is located on Warder Street near Otis. More murals after the jump.





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  • It’s a shame that some tagger has already defaced the mural.

    What? It’s supposed to look like that?

  • I think its pretty cool. It perfect for being right near the pool and basketball courts. Its 100 times better than the pealing paint that was there. Good job!

  • How is that area (near warder/otis/GA metro)?

  • It looks great. They have done a really nice job.

  • hey PoP – have you seen the new murals going up over near the Home Depot at Rhode Island? They’re across the street from the Home Depot – you can see them in a parking lot from the Metro. Looks like 4-5 different ones.

  • In response to Newbie – the area is pretty good and getting better, though it has its problems. The drug dealing that used to take place in the park moved to the corner after the City started keeping the lights on in the park all night. Then the 3D started stationing a police officer at the Park View rec center and at the corner of Warder and Princeton. That has greatly reduced the “corner boy” crowd. I even see an officer patrolling on foot somewhat regularly. There is a house on Warder and one on Princeton that both attract a lot of teenagers. Very few live in the area. I suspect the houses offers more than just places to congregate. There are still the occasional drug baggies to be found on the street and out of state cars coming and going. But every spring has brought more new residents (owners and renters) with baby strollers and dogs.

  • Newbie – Check out your neighborhood. This rec center is on the corner of Warder St and Otis, just 4-1/2 blocks from GA Metro. Get out and take a walk in your new neighborhood. Don’t be afraid.

    Oh and by the way, what a shame the city could get that pool open and usable once this summer.

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