New(ish) Restaurant – Brookland Cafe


Brookland Cafe is located at 3740 12th Street, NE. Just received the photos and press release. Anyone check them out yet?


Full press release after the jump.

The Brookland Café Pays Homage to Historic Neighborhood with Small Bites, Wine and Dessert

Washington, DC – In what is rapidly becoming a hot spot for residents of the Brookland neighborhood, the Brookland Café offers a friendly, relaxed and upbeat dining experience reflective of its diverse and growing community.

Since its opening in late May, the Brookland Café has experienced a heartfelt stream of support from residents and visitors of the Brookland neighborhood. Boasting a discerning yet unpretentious tavern atmosphere, the Brookland Café features savory American bistro fare, a fully stocked bar and desserts prepared by several local bakeries. DC lovers of quaint and eclectic dining will find this to be the perfect place to enjoy a happy hour cocktail, the big game or conversation with neighbors and friends.

“The Brookland Café is truly a combination of my passions – sweets, wine, food and fun,” says owner Dmaz Lumukanda. “Historic Brookland is a beautiful and welcoming neighborhood. I’m excited and honored to be able to operate an establishment that reflects the spirit of the community.”

Conveniently located in the Brookland Inn, the Brookland Café recently opened up a full-scale brunch menu featuring favorites like waffles, pancakes, omelets, mimosas and the café’s special salmon cakes with grits. In addition, the café hosts weekly wine tastings on Saturday afternoons. Situated within a petite and charming setting, the Brookland Café is available for private events, including corporate mixers and birthday parties.

Brookland Café welcomes passionate individuals, foodies, and wine/spirit lovers.


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  • I heard about it, but never had the time to check it out. Now that I hear they’ve got salmon croquettes, I’ve gotta check it out before I move out of the area. Thanks for the heads up.

    It looks like a nice and colorful place.

  • Pretty! I wish I lived closer. I hope it is embraced by the neighborhood.

  • I wish them well, but the furniture looks painful, sorry to say. For me, a local cafe needs to have comfortable seats. If I’m needing waffles and grits, I’m probably not wanting to perch.

  • I actually randomly walked in a few weeks ago. They were having a wine tasting. There were a few (around 10) people in there and it looked fun. I talked to one of the co-owners briefly, who is a Howard alum and lives in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, I don’t get over to the neighborhood that frequently otherwise I would give them some business.

  • Looks like a nice, clean interior.

  • Just curious – anyone know what was in this spot before?

  • I’ve been there before–randomly one night after eating at San Antonio Grill two blocks down. My husband and I got dessert (average) but the ambiance was fun and definitely filling a niche Brookland lacks.

  • It was previously another coffee shop called Sureia run by Ethiopians, and before that Cup of Dreams.

  • I believe Cup of Dreams was on the corner of Otis an 12th on the other side of the street. This place is in the middle of the block.

  • They need to decide if they are going to be a cafe or lounge. They have a full bar and tables suited for sipping wine not eating comfort food during Sunday brunch. They also need to do better than plastic ware. If they are going to be a cafe they should get a couple of comfortable kid friendly tables for inside and put a couple of tables outside. A cafe should have better coffee, good pastries, good sandwiches and a couple of soup choices. Right now It is a decent place for food, and a GREAT place to have a drink. If they go more the lounge direction add two sofas and tables outside. Note: There were a lot of attractive women in and out the door. Great addition to Brookland

  • My bad, you’re right Anon 4:08. From the photo it looks like the Sureia space, but now I remember passing this before it opened. Not sure what was there before, but aparently there’s a B&B upstairs.

  • hows san antonio grill? i’ve not been there yet.

  • I live in the neighborhood, and visitied in July. Nice addition to the neighborhood, and glad to see it’s here. I agree, they have to do better than plastic ware. That was a dissapointment. Granted, how healthy is an alcoholic beverage, but the choice of bar food was limited if you’re looking for a “healthier” choice. Everything I ordered had too much salt. The comment re the furniture was right! My friend and I asked for the chairs with backs! Can’t sit perched too long on a stool! Not “20 something” anymore! Will definitely go back, and I wish them well!

  • San Antonio Bar and Grill has great food, so-so margaritas. We have been there several times and never been disappointed.

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