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I shit you not with this photo. A house (on Warder Street) had a pumpkin patch in their front yard. In August! How is that even possible? This photo was taken on Sunday. Insane. And totally awesome.

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  • Perhaps I misunderstand the incredulity about it being August. But pumpkins, like most vegetables, don’t just appear miraculously when you’re supposed to pick them. They have to grow for a while.

    I agree it’s totally awesome. I did tomatoes in my front yard this year but pumpkins. That’s just cool. Sure beats mowing grass, too.

  • Pumpkins are pretty easy to grow. My mother has huge ones in her garden that grow without extra fertilizer. You just have to keep them watered and they’ll get ginormous. (Over the size of a basketball, good for a huge jack o’lantern) She can’t even lift them into the house. She cuts them apart on the front porch after getting the husband next door to carry it for her.

    Only problem are the long vines. They can grow unchecked and cause some other problems.

  • It’s August, and pumpkins, like all other kinds of fruits and veg need time to grow. 😉

  • What’s the secret to these pumpkins not walking off?? Front-yard gardening seems to me a very dicey proposition … seriously, my jack o’ lantern gets stolen every year, as do my spring blossoms.

  • I didn’t plant pumpkins, but have a volunteer growing in my front yard!! I think the squirrels that were eating the pumpkin seeds must have hidden a few seeds in with the flowers. When I was weeding, I almost pulled the vines, but stopped when I noticed that it looked like squash flowers were blooming. Now, I have a pumpkin in my flower bed. Pretty cool.

  • Oh, oops, I meant that the squirrels were eating (and hiding) the seeds from the Jack o’ Lanterns that I put out last Halloween.

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