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  • Yeah, I wrote about my thoughts yesterday in the blog. I really like Steve (he owns U Wine and Beer across the street) and I’m glad to see him opening a business to serve the community better than the Dollar Store did, that’s prime real estate. And the sandwiches were good!

  • is it just me, or is there a LOT of empty space in that store?!

  • What’s their deli like?

  • Richard Aroma’s latest venture looks promising. I can’t wait to check it out. I used to hang out regularly at his bar up in Cleveland Park.

  • Is it a bakery or a deli? I didn’t see any pics of baked goods.

  • I stopped in here on Sunday and got the scoop. They are waiting to stock up most of their items (particularly baked goods) until the fall. I guess they are waiting out the slow summer doldrums by keeping inventory down. Seems strange on the timing – why open the store at all then? But I’m very glad they will be stocking up, and having some basic deli options nearby is a great thing.

  • I really wanted to like this place — good sandwich options being very hard to come by — but the sandwich I got was unfortunately not very good. Perhaps things will improve over time. I hope so.

  • Does “waiting to stock up” on baked goods mean that they are not actually doing their baking themselves? Is it going to be a bakery that . . . bakes?

  • Bakery is definitely a misnomer for this business. It’s pretty much just a small sandwich shop, and yeah it is definitely under-utilizing the space. They could comfortably prepare and sell the half-dozen sandwiches they offer in a space 1/3 as large.

  • I spoke with Mr. Aroma last night and he assured me that they will indeed be baking themselves. Wouldn’t be much of a bakery without that key element.

  • let’s give them a break for being slow to jam the place with stock. smart business in these times. midcity caffe was slow off the starting block, too. passing by Aroma yesterday at supper time, i saw a customer in there waiting happily for a sandwich order. that is, she had a smile on her face.

  • I wish they would go over to Taylor Deli or Dupont Market on 18th Steet/Swann, order a few sandwiches, and then just copy it. Went in on Sunday, and was underwhelmed. Maybe when they start baking and ramp up it’ll be better (I hope so, b/c this would be a great addition), but for now its just sort of poorly stocked sandwich case (they didn’t even have hoagie spread (the hot red peppers)). It was okay, but underwhelming.

  • I’m glad they are there, it nice to have a place to buy deli meat. But, they really need to learn how to use the slicer. I ordered pastrami, and they hacked the poor thing in to a square and then sliced me a bunch of perfectly square 4inch by 4 inch slices — the wrong way on the grain….

    But, nice people, and if they sold bread, I’d be there all the time (after I gave them a slicer class).

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