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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week? Any good 4th of July plans?

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  • Rant: we don’t have Monday off!

    Rave: DC Metro Real Bus Time Service

  • Vonstallin

    I want to goto my families summer house that resides 30 feet off the water..covered in the middle of the woods…but dont have anyone to take with me…bummer…too boring to go it alone.

    Today is my technical Friday…Siagon Siagon 4 lunch.

  • Rave: Yay for technical Fridays!

    Rant: Anyone know whats up with the sushi joint in CH? Its been closed every time I’ve gone by.

  • Rave: I’ll be in Ottertail Lake, Minnesota with my in-laws for ten days starting tomorrow.

    Rave on: Being able to rave about spending time with the in-laws.

    Its a crazy feeling: Coffee, beer, margarita/gin and tonics, wine, scotch, sleep, repeat. Sprinkle in the lake time, reading, lounging, one Zorbas trip, conversing and laughing and that about sums up what my plans for those next ten days will be.

    Rant (of the very mild variety): Last year was my first actually staying in DC for the July 4th festivities. Had an awesome time and I think I might miss not being here for it this time.

  • im hitting nellies for happy hour with a couple friends i havent seen in a while after work!

    also hitting the big sale at go mama go before hand!

    i have athletes foot 🙁

    i want to go to a summer house 30 feet off the water!

  • rave: a fourth of july in d.c. that won’t be 100 plus degrees. enjoy everyone!!

  • Rant: Metro held at Rockville for over 15 minutes this morning to let a train at Tenleytown catch up because the Tenleytown train was held at Gallery Place due to a fight on the platform requiring police action. Does that make ANY sense?!

    Rant2: Forget metro for July 4th

    Rave: I’ll spend July 4th in Baltimore instead.

  • Rave: one year anniversary with the bf this weekend 🙂
    Rave: Dad’s birthday is July 4th
    Rave: It’s “friday”!

    Happy fourth of july everyone! Be safe!

  • Rant: DC Crime Problem

    Rave: New approaches to deal with it. I sent my ward council rep the following email. Maybe we can find a strategy that works for all of DC.

    Ms. Bowser,

    I am disappointed the city council can’t seem to make any headway on the gang violence problem we have. Has the council considered CeaseFire or parental accountability approaches? These seem like strategies that could be applied successfully to DC.



  • rant: people who sit on the stairs, at metro stations, during rush hour.

    WHAT is the DEAL with THOSE PEOPLE?

  • Rant: I think the PoP’s “walkabouts” aren’t a real thing and he seems stuck up about them.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Anon 1:47 ugh, you found me out. I don’t even live in DC. I’m actually a sociology professor up in Toronto. Thanks for ruining my experiment.

  • As kind of a rave. thought I’d share this article about Donatelli’s development priorities. They seem to really get it. http://washington.bizjournals.com/washington/stories/2009/06/29/story1.html?b=1246248000

  • Rant: Able bodied people who take the elevator up ONE floor.

    Rave: Trapezing this weekend. Wheeeeee!

  • PoP, you are completely crazy. Where the hell do you find these pictures? First the creepy animal head woman two weeks ago and now this! I don’t even want to go in my yard now.

  • Rave: the cute picture that headlines this post.

  • @Anonymous 2:27 The picture is a prairie dog at the Zoo…I think you’re safe in your yard…The prairie dogs can be wildly entertaining though.

  • @ PoP 2:14pm – Hardy har har 🙂

    Rave: DC-resident PoP bestowing a highly-prized t-shirt on me. Woop!

    Rave: My lovely boyfriend is coming back from a business trip to Boulder today!

    Rant: Not looking forward to the number of directionless tourists invading DC this weekend. UGH! Stay to the right, people!

  • yes nita! i work in a building with a diabetes association…it is mind blowing how they take the elevator up AND down one or two floors…also, a lot of them are obese. not just fat, but waddling out of breath omg obese. and to top it all off, some of the fattest ones are the ones that you see going out for smoke breaks at least once an hour!

    basically, rant – people that dont help themselves!

  • Rant: Anyone notice how badly the bike lane on Columbia Road north of Adams Morgan sucks?

    Rave: Neener be damned, less than 2 hours ’til my next brew at a local pub!!!

  • and HB, clearbluewater33!

  • Anon 2:46, this is 2:27: This will teach me to wear my glasses when I’m viewing this site. I swear at first glance the picture looked like two hairy hands coming out of the ground holding a leaf. I think I need to go home.

  • clearbluewater33: mine too. happy birthday!

  • Anon @ 4:15 – I saw exactly the same thing you did…two hairy hands coming out of the ground holding a leaf.

  • Rave1: Creepy hand/critter eating leaf picture.
    Rave2: Ate a McD Filet o Fish and it was perfect.
    Rave3: Will be in Reston for the 4th.
    Rave4: Flesh for Lulu’s “I Go Crazy”…..Postcards from paradise…

    Rant: Still unemployed…it’s getting old…

  • Rave: Winning Caption of the Day for 3 weeks straight!

    Rant: People who think eating their own dandruff is a disability. Huh?

  • What’s with eating dandruff? I mean boogers, sure – yum – but dandruff – where’s the flavor, the texture. It seems like itty bitty communion wafers.

    And what is a “technical Friday?”

    Rave – almost ready for the big Assateague beach camping trip. I have crammed 3 coolers, camping gear, dinner for 130 people plus happy hour – 5 gallons of vodka, 8 gal grapefruit juice, 4 of pomegranate – into every square inch of my honda. I am a packing genius!

    Rant – still have to pack the steak, cod, falafal, salad, cheesecake into the coolers tomorrow morning.

    Rave – Have “Origin of the Species” to listen to on recorded books – it is both facinating and weirdly meditative – frequent litanies of pigeon species.

  • RAVE the food for victoriam’s camping trip

  • Jimmy D: ya lucky duck! have fun out there. when i was a kid, my family had a lake cottage in Shoreham–not too far from Ottertail Lake. wonderful area….

  • Rave: 3-day weekend! Drinking mojitos on my front porch
    Rant: No one to share the mojitos with, husband has locked himself in the basement playing ghost busters on the wii. I don’t think I will see him until Saturday afternoon.

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