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  • Are these part of Matt Dunn’s “Sad” series?

  • @Anon 3:51 – hahhahaha, best laugh I had today.

  • Is that comment part of your “anonymous and snarky” series?

  • Hi Anonymous, they aren’t part of the TOUGH series. I’m not Matt Dunn, as you could probably tell. They’re just candid photographs of people in Franklin Square.

    Thanks for looking, and for your constructive feedback. I know it’s really easy to shit on something from behind a computer screen and an anonymous handle, so I don’t blame you for it. Cheers.

  • This is Anon 4:05 – I really do like these photos as I’m a huge fan of B&Ws. But the previous comment just struck me as too good not to acknowledge. Keep taking these amazing pics Bogotron!!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Bogotron these photos kick ass. (As does Matt Dunn’s series) I don’t know why some folks are being ornery this week but nevermind them keep up the great shots!

  • These are great images Bogotron, keep up the good work!!!

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