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  • i think that is at 1st and bryant streets nw

  • @eric – looks like google maps confirms you’ve got the right location. i biked around a bit that evening, so i lost track of where i was when i took that particular one.

  • that building was just sold at one of the government’s auctions of seized properties. hopefully will be renovated soon – it’s got a ton of potential.

  • that’s one of bloomingdale’s fine corner mansions. when it’s redone, it’ll have the potential to be one of the most gorgeous in the neighborhood.

  • is Bryant and 1st in Eckington or Bloomingdale? Thought this was considered Eckington.

  • hahaha, anon. very funny. of course it’s bloomingdale. if you’re trying to confuse with the tax office “neighborhood” names, you’d see that they call that ledroit.

  • Back in the 60s when I attended Howard U. this was the Newman center, apparently a Catholic church organization.

    My fraternity used to rent it for smokers.

    Sad the way it has deteriorated so.

    And yes, it is on the Southwest corner of 1st & Bryant St. NW.

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