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DSCN0844, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Well this one is truly odd. If you look at the back left hand side of the photo you’ll see what seems to be a lifeguard chair. Problem is – there’s no pool. In fact it’s just overlooking a parking lot.

Your captions in the comments and winner picked Friday. If you do win don’t forget to email me so you can get your PoP t-shirt.


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  • The buddy system is strictly enforced at the U.S. Capitol Complex.

  • those are fairly common for tennis judges as well (not sure if there’s a court nearby, but slightly more likely than a beach!)

  • In an effort to bring meaning to impermeable surfaces, George finds himself safeguarding a series of chevrolets

  • “Turf’s up!”

  • a last ditch effort to save Congress from itself…

  • Congress is NOT in session.

  • No alcohol in the car pool!

  • Looks like the city is getting desperate to find jobs for the Summer Youth Employment Program.


    “No Dumpster Diving” policy strictly enforced.


  • Attendance seemed to be down at the semi-finals of the “Over 80 Congressional Tennis Challenge” between Rep. John Dingell and Texas’ own grumpy gandpa Rep. Ralph Hall. Then both of the Congressmen realized the match was on Thursday, not Wednesday, and went back to the Hill for a nap.

    (Nod to Anonymous).

  • I vote for 20something’s Summer Job’s line…

  • Sprite Advertising Exec:
    “See that lifeguard stand?? Swimming and diving…into concrete…thats exactly like drinking a Sprite! This is perfect…”

  • I’m confused — wasn’t this posted last week? As were a couple of other of these posts (what the helen of troy, etc)

    PoP what’s going on? Or am I crazy?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Sorry anon @10:19 I think you may be a bit crazy…

  • This would make perfect sense if life were a Gatorade commercial.

  • Oh damn … it’s Sprite, not Gatorade. I rescind my entry @ 10:49 and throw my support to Vernados.

  • I’m guessing it was specifically installed to give the parking attendant / security guard a better view of the lot. It seems like the kind of well-funded half-assedness that is common to the downtown area.

  • Dumpster Diving: Lifeguard off duty. Dive at your own risk.

  • I don’t drive in your toilet, so don’t pee in my car pool!

  • Behold the Lincoln Pool Chair

  • wow. I can’t decide which is funnier: Copulating in Cordozo (sp?) or [email protected]:41am!

  • The strongest TWO on here belong to the same person: 20something should get the nod.

  • 20something.

    no anons should ever win simply due to their LAZINESS in not picking a stupid name. geez.

  • I’m with 20something too.

  • The match was over and all left when McEnroe went way over the edge and parked his car on the line asking the judge “Is this in enough for you??!?!!?!!”

  • In an attempt to draw a wider audience, the X-games added a 30-meter diving competition.

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