Judging New Homes


This one is located on 11th Street where the street curves a bit North of Logan Circle (anyone know the cross street?). I actually think the house looks pretty good though I’m not a big fan of the stone on the first level. But I think it blends in pretty well even though it’s a bit larger than the other homes. What do you think – thumbs up or down?

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  • Ooh honey, a little slice of Manassas right here in DC!

  • Gross.

  • Top two levels are pretty good actually. The first level is just awful. If you stuccoed over it, the damage could be undone somewhat easily.

  • thumbs down.

  • Ha ha… CAHBF took the words right out of my mouth.

    That place is hideous!

  • I think that’s actually 12th St., not 11th…right where 12th runs into Vermont Avenue, just below R St.

    And yeah, the ground floor is just hideous. If formstone is the polyester of brick, what’s that crap, the rayon of formstone? And what’s with the ridiculous undersized asymmetrical ground floor window?

  • If they had used the stone only to accent the nice arched entrance, it would look good. The whole wall makes me think of that uber-expensive three-level HIGH retaining wall built recently on South Dakota heading to Rte. 50. with the ugly all-vinyl siding townhouses perched over the traffic. Who would have guessed that real stone could look so bad.

  • CAHBF, you hit it. It looks like they cheaped out on the glue-on stone. At least they could have finished the bottom floor facade on the front.

    Skeletor, MOTU

  • Woof. This is awful.

  • this thing needs to be killed. it is simmered in weaksauce.

  • i mean seriously there can’t possibly be an architect involved in “designing” that, can there? I would think even the worst architect in the city would come up with something better than that. Just copy a classic design for god’s sake!

  • some sort of porch or outcropping on the first level might alleviate that mess a bit. the second two floors aren’t bad, except why the f**k not put some windows on that expanse of brick, for pete’s sake?

  • So so so bad. Dear God.

  • don’t know what you guys are talking about, i think it looks great. there should be moldings around the first floor window though

  • saf

    Awful. Just awful.

  • Look carefully and you see what looks like three meters inside the archway leading to the front door. It’s a 3-unit building. The heavy-duty balconies at the rear are a giveaway too.

    Awwww-FUL. I agree that the ground floor is an affront. There is one tiny window on the front, and nothing on the side. Notice also that the thing seems to have gotten tagged, and repainted, already; note the different color paint over a limited area along that side wall.


    Or should that be, Eeeeeeeek.

  • I like it – minus the first floor. The brick is ugly and it could use more windows.

  • I guess what I am trying to say is I have one thumb up and one down

  • ugh. CAHBF said it better than I could.

  • Ericinledroit – I’m liking your use of weaksauce. Although weaksauce is too weak for the crapitude of this monstrosity.

  • tasteless and vulgar; thumb’s down!

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