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We’ve judged the Moderno located at 12th just south of U St, NW. We’ve even discussed what they mean by European style residences. I swear I’m not picking on them, I actually think the building looks pretty cool, but what’s up with their Remy Martin ads on the first floor? Are they just waiting to get retail in? I actually thought the first floor was just the lobby. If you lived in the building would you be upset at having a huge ad like this on your building?


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  • European style to me means they must come with a cloths line that goes from one window to a window across the street. In every country in Europe thats all you see is people hanging their cloths out to dry over the street.

  • maybe the residents get all of the free booze they can handle in exchange for posting the ad on their building. can i get a Grey Goose ad on my Petworth rowhouse? 😉

  • Despite the fact that the ad is lame, I like the fact that there is advertising on that level. It is much more interesting to look at than the standard brown paper and blue tape (or, in older buildings, the boarded up windows).

    This is different from the billboard issue, so likely not a problem. Though, on the general billboard issue, I find the billboard’s to also be more interesting than an empty lot or side of a building. But I can understand people who disagree and want to make sure that the neighborhoods they live in or walk through are aesthetically pleasing to their own tastes.

  • I think ads are better than the condo’s montype of what person lives there (P Street and Logan) . Ads around the city are cool. Billboards included. I especially like ads on buses and bus stops. I get a kick out of this one stop off of P street, with the infamous Bush looking out from Air Force One at Hurricane Katrina. The statement says AIDS is DC’s Katrina. Coolest Board Ever.

  • if it lowerred my f’ing condo fees i wouldn’t care

  • I am now obsessed with booze ads around the city. I just saw one of favs on Mass Ave for Stella this morning. Makes me thirsty everytime.

  • While I prefer these ground level ads to boarded or papered up windows, I’m a little concerned that developers may get enough revenue from these ads [given the general shortage of outdoor advertising in this city] that they may further inflate their already inflated lease rates. There are already so many vacant business properties around town, it seem like many developers want to just ‘ride out’ this recession and just keep their rates high until large corporate chains [the few that are still expanding] come in. Isn’t this the reason the property at the NE corner of 14th & U has been vacant for so long?

    The question has been posed by many on this and other neighborhood forums – why are there so many vacant business properties? Why don’t developers/landlords lower rent and at least get SOME money out of their investment? Maybe some folks with business development/real estate background can fill us in. In the meantime I just worry that ad money could actually keep these properties vacant even longer.

  • I HATE THESE ADS. I walk past this building (and its terrible advertising) every day, at least once but typically twice a day. Every time — EVERY SINGLE TIME — these ads do not fail to disgust me.

    Sure, it was never clear exactly what “European style” was supposed to be. One thing it was definitely not supposed to be, however, was faux-lesbian “erotica” designed with an eye toward the not-so-discerning frat boy. What a disappointing neighbor this building has turned out to be. ugh.

  • Bingo, Nx. You said exactly what I was thinking about the subtle lipstick lesbian innuendo.

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