House of the Day

DSCN1326, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

What can I say, there are a lot of cool ones on Macomb Street. But I’m curious what you think about the extension here. Personally I think I’d want more windows. I guess it’s a balance of privacy vs. windows, yeah?

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  • I seriously want to live here. This is amazing.

  • Incongrous and strange… Too bad: the old house was nice looking until the unsympathetic porch “remuddling.”

  • Macomb is a lovely street. After my weekend TKD workout, I like to walk down the Wisconsin/Connecticut area and just take in the nice environment.

  • I’ve passed this house and it’s not all that incongruent. I mean, how else do you build an extension on a house like this? It’s tastefully done. Makes me want to see the flow from the inside.

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