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DSCN0517, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I really like the style of the one on the left. But I’m wondering if it is skinnier than the one on the right or is it just an optical illusion?

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  • I think it’s an illusion because the one on the right doesn’t have the walls angled in.

  • The one on the right is a new building, built around 2005 (?) on a formerly empty lot.

    Enter the site, roll over “past projects” and click on “Hillingdon.”

    Under “On the Market,” click on “Hillingdale” for a building two or three doors down. Same thing.

  • If the one on the right is new, then that’s the way to do it. I never would have noticed. It fits so well.

  • If you look at the roofline, you will see the “Common Walls” between the units as lines that drop to the bottom of the shingled roofline. Those are the common walls the houses share.

    At this angle, the houses appear to be the same size, but since the white house has painted over the entire common wall (say 12-18″), it appears to be 2-3′ larger.

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