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  • Is their steak & cheese “world famous?” Because those are the only kind I eat.

  • My friend and I tried it about a week ago and liked it. The porch is terrific. Great food, huge portions. They also have a good selection for vegetarians. We’re definitely going back!

  • I have only ordered delivery from here, so I can not speak to the location (they are on foodler). I ordered a gyro and fries, which were OK – not the best I have had and not the worst. But for those of you that don’t cook and rely on foodler much more than one should – it is a great addition to the lineup.

  • It’s actually Turkish. I talked to one of the waiters when I was walking by one day. The Adana Kebab is a dead give away.

  • Has anyone tried that grubhub.com delivery service – either for Sawah or any other restaurant?

  • new girl: haven’t used grubhub, but foodler is absolutely fantastic.

  • OMG….I love this place!

    I ate here about a week ago and the food was AMAZING!

    I had the lamb shish kebab and the meat was really moist and tender….and the rice that comes with it is so GOOD…I’ve never tasted anything like it.

    My friend had the mixed sawah plate which is a mixture of hummus, babaghannoush, dolma, etc…and I ate off her plate it was delicious.

    I’m a food critic at heart so I’m always skeptical of trying new places but I would definitely go back to Sawah Diner.

    Also the service was great…and you know how hard that is to come by now days.

    I hope my input was of service.

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