GO Urban Adventure Race by Kalia

Photo provided by GO Urban Adventure Race

Have you ever been driving, biking, walking, whatever, around DC and noticed a ton of people in matching costumes running all around the city together and thought, “God I wish I was them!”?  Well I have and now I’m going to be, and so can you!  GO Urban’s Adventure Race is coming back to DC, Sat, August 1, 2009 and registration is still available.  You and your best friend or even your best frienemy can sign up, put on matching outfits and hit the streets for a chance to win the $400.00 grand prize!!!!!

So what is this GO Urban Adventure Race you ask?  Well let me tell you!  Personally, I didn’t care, I just knew I was going to do it, but for those of you who are less sheep-like than me, it is a citywide scavenger hunt.  The hunt is comprised of mental (i.e. riddles and such) and physical challenges (3-4 min workout) that each team must complete to finish the race.  According to the website  “each team will be supplied with a total of 12 clues that will each lead to a GOpoint (location), for a total of 12 GOpoints. At each GOpoint each team will have to participate in a mental or physical challenge. The race starts at 12pm (noon) and will last a maximum of 5 hours (till 5pm). Most teams should finish within 3 1/2 -5 hours.”  The clues, and your responses will be supplied to the races via SMS Text messaging, so make sure at least one of you have a good texting plan.  Participants can use web phones as well as carry laptops.  Running and public transportation are allowed but no biking, driving, or rollerblading!  This year, the race starts at Kogan Plaza, George Washington University (2132 H ST NW Washington, D.C.)  Continues after the jump.

After, the race, there are planned festivities for the winners and even the losers are invited to the Lamp Lighting Ceremony will commence at 5pm until 7pm.  During which time there will be food and drink and merriment!  I’m getting excited all over again, you know you are too!

Ok, so if you read this and thought, OMG, I am going to do this even if I have to pay someone to be my friend here is the deal.  The race costs $100.00 for the team (that’s only $50.00 per person –in case you can’t do math or your iphone doesn’t have the app to figure this out for you).  You can register now online or you can pay the day of the race-CASH ONLY and you run the risk of not getting a spot.   Here is the site for registration for the DC race http://www.gourban.org/2009locations/washington-dc/.  That’s right, this race takes place in other major cities all over the country.  For a full listing you can visit the main site here http://www.gourban.org/2009locations/washington-dc/.

And if my little post here wasn’t enough to entice you, maybe this little tidbit will!  The Prince of Petworth himself will be competing in GO Urban Adventure Race-DC this year!  Here is your chance to meet him and try to put his knowledge of DC to shame.  So get off your asses and get outside, see you all there!!!

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  • Sounds like a cool event!

  • Those sock-shoes are hot.

  • If you click through the website to the sponsor it’s pretty clear that the fees for this event are totally being pocketed. The “Vallon Institute” has no contact information and no details about who is behind it. For all we know, this could be run by al Qaeda.

  • Why, no, I’ve never seen a ton of people wearing matching costumes running around town, and if I had, I wouldn’t have wanted to be them. But thanks for asking!

  • What a cool event. I’m there. I like what these guys are trying to do. Get people off their lazy asses by giving them something fun to do.

  • @11:12pm Anon –


    Weird look but definitely awesome.

  • Those are some ripped cuties!

  • The girl on the left creates a circus tent out of my pants.

  • Where can I find a girl with a stomach like that? Wow

  • whoever is behind this is an amazing marketer.

  • Yes, No, No, Yes

  • Hmmm…let me see…

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

  • Given the past discussions about neighborhood residents catcalling and making insulting remarks or gestures to women, I had gathered that this objectifying behavior was the aberration, not the norm. But clearly I was wrong.

    Maybe PoP should just get on with it and have a ‘hot or not’ feature every week of local women, so that the local guys can express their crude urges.

  • I hear what your saying Anon 1:12 – but the chica on the left is just soooooo amaaaaazingly fine that it’s hard not to give her props…

  • Well said, anon @ 1:12

  • I think it’s okay to compliment them on their beauty. The “circus tent” comment was a bit over the top (but I did smile).

    I think they all get props for being able to hang there in that position. That’s probably harder than it looks.

  • Anon @ 10:17 – so the “yes” and “no” comments were just ranking their ability to hang in that position, right.

    Most women don’t take crude comments and ranking systems as compliments.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    For the record this is the photo that the race organizers sent me. And I do believe it is a cool photo. Sadly, on the internet people can be crude. But sometimes you just have to ignore those comments.

  • Hey Abbs – I meant to say that I did not like the Yes, No either…

    They are all beautiful and are all fit. I called them all ripped cuties in my original post. Let’s just love them all. (those shoes are a bit freaky though)

  • Wow..lighten up people. Seriously, as a guy, if the 4 photos were of men instead of women and the women or gay men posters started making comments about which ones were hot I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. But people make a few comments about the women and all the sudden its the worst thing ever. We’re human. We like to have sex. If you’re not objectifying people from the opposite sex/same sex/whatever once in a while then you’re kinda just kidding yourself.

  • Vonstallin

    Those shoes would SO help me keep traction in Yoga….
    Man, in downward facing dog my feel keep trying to slip (sweaty)…..

  • So who is excited about this race this weekend!?! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  • Vonstallin – I bought those shoes for that exact reason! No more slipping doing downward facing dog, I can wear them in the street, I can run in them, rock climb in them and they are kick ass river shoes. Its like being barefoot. I got my pair at City Sports on 19th Street. They are pretty ridiculous looking but well worth the $80!!

  • My husband and I are signed up and ready to embark on this fun challenge. What a wonderful idea!

  • Sounds like a good time. Don’t forget to check us out next year.

    Jason http://hightrekadventure.com

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