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DSCN1199, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’m a huge fan of lavender plants.

Also someone mentioned some nice corn growing on a front lawn. I saw the one below near Cardozo HS. I tried to plant some corn myself and sadly it’s only about ankle high…


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  • I’m pretty sure that the purple plant up top isn’t lavender, but Russian Sage. (or maybe you were refering to the color lavender, and not the plant.) It’s really lovely this time of year, and drought resistant to boot.

  • I must concur, that isn’t lavender. It’s very pretty though. I’m lovin’ the marigolds in the second photo.

  • Yep, Russian Sage in the first photo. Still, great plant, grows like gangbusters. Tends to flop over under it’s own weight, so plant them in the middle of beds, not at the edges near walkways.

  • It was designed by Bell Design, Inc.

  • The corn in the second photo is mine. It grew so lovely and then the evil, crazy aggressive urban squirrels ate it all before it could ripen fully 🙁

  • I always knew that plant as Blue Oat Grass. Now I need to find out exactly what B.O.G. is!!!

  • We managed to get pry two ears of fresh Petworth corn from the greedy claws of them damn squirrels and roasted them (the ears of corn, not the squirrels) on the BBQ last night.


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