Capturing Sweet City Signs


While the sign itself isn’t that amazing, I’m hard pressed to find a better name than Hoagi House. Anyone ever lucky enough to try one when they were open?

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  • Someone plz renovate this building? kthanks!

  • Yes! I was going to write you to tell you that you might like that sign. Glad to see you found it regardless of my laziness!

  • Bring the Hoagie House back!

  • this missing “e” on the off the corner of the former “hoagi house” reminds me of that sign instructing the observer to “plan ahead”, where the last couple letters of “ahead” were all scrunched up…

    …because the sign maker didn’t “plan ahead” and ensure the text was the appropriate size so that there was enough room for all the letters to fit proper!!!

    get it? the joke i mean. ah, i dunno, maybe you had to be there.

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