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  • Rave: The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on sat was so much fun! A few of my friends and I ran it together and we all raised money towards a great cause as well as met our goals of finishing the race without stopping or walking! It is a day I will remember forever 🙂

    Rant: My soccer team was crushed later that same Sat 🙁 and my football team was destroyed the following Sunday. Wah wah.

    oh and my body feels broken. But I would not have traded this weekend for anything!

  • Oh and it was really awesome seeing fellow Petworthians all heading towards the metro Sat morning for the race! The metro ride was also cool since it was full of fellow DC runners and walkers for the Cure!

  • Rant: People who ride their bikes on the sidewalk…where there is a bike lane running parallel to the sidewalk…grrrr…

    Rave: Over 48 hours with no rain….

  • I had a rough commute this morning. First, it’s hot and humid again. Second, I got on the 52 at randolph after I just missed the bus about 15 minutes ahead. Then, we’re the first vehicle stopped while the fire department shut down 14th street at newton. My bus couldn’t turn onto meridian to get us downtown. WHY would the fire department shut down the street in front of a bus? Why didn’t they let the bus through? I got to work all gross and sweaty and late this morning. ugh, Monday.

    And why on earth did the fire department shut down 14th street? There was nothing going on!

  • Rant: WashPo for their poor coverage and lack of news in Ward 4….

    Officer Kicked by Man He Tried to Aid, Police Say
    A D.C. police officer trying to do a favor while patrolling on a bicycle was rewarded yesterday with a kick in the knee, authorities said.

    The officer stopped at Georgia Avenue and Webster Street NW about 6 p.m. to tell a man that he had dropped money. The man then kicked the officer and ran, a police spokesman said. He was taken into custody and the officer went to have his leg examined. Names were unavailable.

    Reve: Art-o-matic celebrates 10 years. Way to go on promoting and supporting local artists!.

  • Rave: DC parking enforcement ticketing all the illegally parked cars in the neighborhood weekend nights (11th St, NW, between U and W).

    Rant: DC parking enforcement nowhere to be found on Sunday mornings, when the cars from churchgoers block Metro bus stops, double park, block the new bike lane on V, etc. etc. etc. Why do the church peeps get a pass?

  • My little tree is not so little anymore! Would anyone like a tree? It was supposed to max out at 15-20 feet, but despite some serious pruning last winter, is now easily over 25 feet tall and interfering with power/phone lines.

    It is a Thundercloud Plum, gorgeous purple leaves, and I fear a major effort to transplant, but unless anyone knows how to make it stop growing, it’s that or the axe. Anyway, I posted it on Craigslist (farm & garden – search “free tree”) if anyone can give it a new home!

  • Everyone is bitching about Real World coming to DC… but what if the rumors aren’t true, and the 20th and S house is just under normal, private renovation? I think I’ll be disappointed if we don’t have any Real World drama this summer.

  • @ Jeff – I have the same problem with church people getting a pass on parking enforcement. I live across the street from a church and luckily don’t have the double parking problem because 12th street is 1 lane there, but I’m not in DC on weekends enough to notice… It still irks me to no end that because it’s a church they get a pass. I’m gonna start my own atheist church and let people double park all over the place. Grrrr.

    Rant: Now I’m all angry thinking about the church parking. On top of a brutal Monday with so so so much work to do.

    Rave: Beautiful weekend with lots of fun in Philly! (don’t hate, my boyfriend lives there and we switch weekends between DC and Philly)

  • I woke up this morning and said “fuck it.” I booked a trip to Europe for three weeks at the end of August. I have neither money nor time, but I do have a plane ticket and a deadline.

  • Let’s all park our cars in the church spots on Sunday mornings.

  • Rubin at one point told authorities:

  • I appealed a parking ticket issued on the summer solstice 2 years ago on 1st amendment grounds, since they give churchgoers a free pass and I was participating in my religion at the time. (Atheist’s religious activity involves watching Idol Rewind on the TV Guide Channel). They wrote back saying they were considering the issues raised in my appeal. My appeal has never been granted or denied, but it remains “pending” two years later. Church still puts out cones every Sunday, doubleparks, and city refuses to ticket.

  • My next door neighbor’s yard is a disaster and is getting more disgusting every week. A few weeks ago they decided they would throw away their old washer and dryer by leaving them in the yard. They have had the same completely full garbage can next to their back porch for three weeks. Now this past weekend they have moved in a wrecked car. On top of all that, there seems to be an army of rats that has claimed the old washer and dryer as their new home.

  • RE: Jeff – I too feel the pain. I received a ticket this past week for parking an extra half hour (2 hour parking limit on the street) beyond the limit. Yet every Sunday, most of the block is double parked for church. I have no problem with people doubling up or parking however they want for church, but its a little annoying that that kind of illegal parking gets a pass but I can’t stay parked just a little over the limit during the week–especially considering that there are always plenty of available spaces on weekdays.

  • Wale and Lady Gaga have a new video that was shot in the ‘hood. It’s pretty good, except, goddamn it, he gives it up for “when the police come around we don’t say nothin.”


  • Rave: I do admit I have a big smile on my face now when I drive down New Hampy and see the median going in. Score one for common sense. I’m sure this will all lead to terrible double-parking up and down New Hampy on Sunday – but it’s a positive baby step.

    Rant: Hey fellas. I love it that y’all are (semi) peacefully playing b-ball in the alley rather than joining a terrorist training camp in Afghanitaliban, making moonshine, or canvassing for the Republican party. But when the ball comes over into my back 40 do you think – pretty please – that y’all could avoid demolishing my recycling bin when you hoist one of your pals over the fence? Toodles.

  • My next door neighbor has aquired a roommate who sits outside for hours playing his guitar and singing very, very badly. The most horrible thing is when I come home after from work and his friends have joined him. None of them have the remotest talent or any sense of pitch. Why does he think anyone wants to hear him? Go inside PLEASE! To make matters worse, this idiot parks in front of my house space all of the time and leaves his house free so that all his friends can come and visit. In all of the months he’s been here he has yet to figure out that everyone parks in front of their own fenceline! He has four cars to everyone’s one car. When approached he says well its a free block. That may be the case but his house is located near the corner so he can utilize at least six spaces without infringing on others. Have some common courtesy or move back to the suburbs where there is room to fling your car wherever you want, sing loudly and not violate my space. I’m ready to blow.

  • Rave: Trapeze School has opened in DC. Yaaayyyyyy!!!!! Such fun!!!!

    Rant: My cat peed on my wool carpet. Again. Anyone know of a good carpet cleaning company?

  • rave: one of the top grassroots lobbyist in DC just ask me how she could hire an assistant just like me and has put me in charge of hiring her new AA. I’m oddly flattered by the whole thing.

    rant: makes me feel really guilty about quitting in a few months

  • Rant 1: I think the firemen lied to me this morning, when I asked why 14th was shut down. They said “suspicious package” but there were firetrucks on three non-contiguous blocks. That must have been one hell of a package.

    Rant 2: I had the worst “pastry” of my life from Sweet Times bakery on 14th. It required more chewing than your average steak, and left that nasty coated feeling on the roof of my mouth. What the hell is that? Cheap shortening? Partially hydrogenated insertsomethingnastyhere? I’m all for supporting local businesses, but yuck. I’d rather they double their prices and spring for some actual butter in their “pastries”.

  • Adams Morgan I’m with you. Actually, maybe I will start walking in the bike lane since the bikers never use it. I think I’ll be safer there than on the sidewalk.

  • so people really have a problem with neighbors who park in front of their houses?

    the idea that you own the space in front of your fence is IMO comical. but then, my block of the LDP almost always has available parking.

  • the exchange between clearbluewater and jill makes me think that pop needs a job post/search category in the forums section!!

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