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Tina visited The Greek Spot, located at 2017 11th Street, NW, back in Nov. ’08 and gave it pretty high reviews. I’d like to take another look though because I ate there the other night and I wasn’t blown away. I seem to recall that there is a gyro place somewhere between Farragut North and Dupont South on Connecticut Ave that is supposed to have incredible gyros. Anyone know what I’m talking about. Back to the Greek Spot, did they just have an off night or is it as good as Tina says?

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  • I find the food at the Greek Spot to be pretty solid but not fantastic. The Greek Deli, on 19th St, might be the one you are thinking of. That really is excellent….

  • Are you thinking of the Greek Deli on 19th? Totally fantastic. The best. Worth the wait (which usually isn’t that bad) in the ridiculously long line that forms during the lunch hour.

  • Well, I live near the Greek Spot and work near the Greek Deli. I’d say Greek Spot gyros are awesome and the Greek salad always hits the spot. The Greek Deli, however, is something else entirely. This is where you go for homemade Greek food. Not gyros (though they’ve got ’em and I’ve never tried them) but rather avgolemono soup, meatballs, fantastic lamb dishes, and probably the biggest portions I’ve ever seen. Also, even though he’s old enough to be my grandfather, I have a big fat Greek crush on Kostas.

  • I’m going to say off night, I had a gyro there a few days ago and it was pretty darn tasty.

  • Let’s just say I call this place “The G-Spot.” It’s awesome. I think the best thing on their menu is the gyro sandwich. The vegetarian gyro sandwich is pretty good too. I don’t really think their falafel or their hummus is that great, but the gyro more than makes up for it in my opinion. I have a friend who raves about their cheese burgers. Desserts are also good, homemade from the owner’s mother I’ve heard.

  • I live across the street from the Greek Spot and love it. The gyros, greek salad and falafels are great. Additionally, I really like their eggplant parm!

  • The place in dupont you may be talking about is Zorba’s right near the circle. My wife and I love that place. When we lived in that hood we went there too much. The gyros, falafel, etc. are amazing!

  • that place sux. my GF ordered a veggie gyro from there and they gave her one with meat in it. Not cool.

  • I live a couple blocks away, and I find the gyros too salty (I’ve only had the meat gyros). I’m done giving them second chances on the gyros, and now order the chicken souvlaki, which is better, but still not amazing in my opinion. They toast the bread well, though. Still, I wish there was a moby dick on U street.

  • It’s cool, but not a destination eatery.

  • Greek Spot is makes a respectable gyro, but Greek Deli is THE destination for homemade Greek food. The roast chicken and roast lamb is fantastic and the portions are obscene. The place on Connecticut you’re thinking about is probably Moby Dick’s House of Kebab. Decent gyros, but not as good as Greek Spot’s.

    And the guy who runs Greek Spot is vegetarian, so getting a meat gyro was probably an honest mistake. The veggie options are actually really tasty.

  • As a vegetarian who sorely misses gyros, I will go far out of my way to get the veggie gyros at this place. One of the only places to get one in town and they are fantastic. Spiced just the way a gyro should be.

  • Greek Deli (noted above) is amazing. I’m fairly obsessed with this place. The chicken gyros are incredible and I crave them frequently. There’s always a long line outside this place at lunchtime, so it’s easy to spot (even though its basically just a take-out place). They are only open Mon-Fri and they close around 4pm (but they frequently run out of the good stuff late in the afternoon).

  • what in the helen of troy is a vegetarian gyro made out of?

  • @eric in ledroit:

    Well, based on what homeimprovementninja said, it appears that a vegetarian gyro is made out of meat.

  • Greek Spot is fantastic. The vegetarian gyro is amazing (and I’m not a vegetarian) I think it’s made out of some morningstar sausage type product.

  • They have amazing carrot cake.

  • They have been very generous in donating food to community events

  • The vegetarian gyro is top notch; I’ve had it many times and will go back for more.

  • My favorite would have to be their rabbit falafel. Mmmmmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  • This pace rules! I eat there about once a week. Consistently good food and super nice folks running the place.

  • This place is awesome. I used to live right there the owners are brothers and they are totally cool, great guys, the food is amazing, DC does not have enough places like this in my opinion.

  • Does anyone know where to get some Pastitisio in this town?

  • Reviewers of the veggie gyro – thanks very much for the news! Hadn’t been there yet, but hope not to have the same experience as homeimprovementninja’s gal had (I believe I read her review of the place on another site, too).


    I’m guessing the veggie gyros are made mostly of seitan – vital wheat gluten. If you have an allergy to wheat or have celiacs disease, steer clear of it.

  • the veggie gyro uses morningstar farms steak strips. I think one of the owners is vegetarian. They also have veggie steak subs now and they have Pastitisio as well, both vegetarian and with real meat. great place and cool guys! in fact I just had some greek spot tonite.

  • Another fan here. I was there the first week they opened. The guys who run it are just super friendly and live just a few doors down. The price good, food reliably tasty, people friendly. Oh, and service is really quick. Other places may be exceptional on one of those criteria, but very very few consistently meet all of them.

  • My friends and I ate here recently and the vegetarian gyro was good though my friend found it too salty. I think its because they covered the gyro with feta cheese but I had no problem with that. The grilled corn on the cob is very good. They season it just right.

  • zorba’s is north of dupont circle… its great.

  • About the veggie gyro…it LOOKS like meat but it is not. I eat the veggie gyro all the time and it does look like steak strips, however, it is morningstar farms “steak strips”. totally veggie… and delicious!

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