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  • I don’t go there often. But they have nice bartenders.

  • I’ve been there for happy hour and dinner. It’s expensive, but the food is wonderful. I wouldn’t go back for happy hour – pricey drinks and food, no draught beer – but the dinner service is great for a special occasion.

  • very good food. i think hh is reasonable, get the hh $4 truffle fries – amazing and highly addictive!

  • Not a fan of their service, but their food is occasionally very good. The attitude is really grating.

  • I echo the truffel fries. If you’re in the area, it’s great for drinks.

  • Cast iron ceilings???????

  • Poste’s kitchen is producing solid and sometimes innovative food and has a real commitment to sustainability. However, the front of the house service is uneven – very good on one visit, and laughably shabby on a visit the following night. I think that they are worth the risk – especially early in the week – but I prefer to dine at the bar where the chance of good service is greater.

  • Yah, I’ve only ever been there for happy hour. The truffle fries are mind-blowingly good. I also appreciate their specials on glasses of wine at happy hour. They pick a different couple of wines each day as their specials, so it’s not like they’re just going with the cheapest possible wine.

  • Not a bad place for expensive drinks, the food’s good (if you can get it, the service is often pretty terrible/slow), and it does have a great downtown patio (which really should be more common). I do hate, however, that the bathroom is all the way in the hotel upstairs. That’s ridiculous.

  • Great drinks. Awesome courtyard. Crappy service and mediocre food on the restaurant side, though.

  • I’ve had lunch at Poste once and dinner a couple of times. The room is an interesting setting, particularly if you can get a table with a view of the open kitchen. (Poste’s has a strange arrangement where the head chef is outside the kitchen wall and all the people preparing the food are on the inside.) The food quality ranged between good and very good, but I never had anything especially memorable; as other commenters have noted, service can be uneven. Dinner reservations tend to be easier to obtain than in other restaurants in the Penn Quarter area. Not a bad place to go for a business meal, or if someone else is paying, but one can probably do better for the price level elsewhere in the neighborhood.

  • I’ll second the great drinks, but you can only get a limited menu (of both drinks/food) in the courtyard, which is weird. And I also-also find it hard to believe that they couldn’t find space for a bathroom SOMEWHERE a little closer than up in second floor Siberia. Finally, the gougeres are awesome.

  • Victoriam…a cast iron ceiling is the last thing I see before my wife whangs me over the head with the skillet!

  • Good laugh Steve – Perhaps you should read the BIKE HELMET thread!

  • This restaurant/bar is on a pretty haunted spot actually. Since the Hotel Monaco was the first US General Post Office – there are many accounts of ghosts of civil war brides pacing in the courtyard waiting to hear news of their loved ones.

  • Went there for dinner & both food and service was excellent! The beer selection could be better, but that was the only gripe we could come up with.

  • The food is mediocre for the price, and there are many better options near by in the same price range. The bar outside is fabulous for those of us who work near there and like to go for happy hour. fyi – for the complaints regarding the bathroom being upstairs and a super long walk away — this was a historic preservation issue and for whatever reason, it was entirely impossible to have plumbing adding for a downstairs bathroom. This made quite a bit of news when the reno opened back in 2005 or whenever it was.

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