Judging Buildings – President Madison Apartments


This is a pretty cool corner at 20th and Florida Streets NW. This cool building is right across the street. But I like the one featured today as it kinda reminds me of a Mexican villa. What do you think thumbs up or down? Anyone know what the apartments are like inside?

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  • This is a “Best Address”. If they left the original floorplans alone (which we know they didn’t) the apartments should be beautiful with one section of the building containing duplexes. The terrace on top was more elaborate.

  • Stayed there summer 2006. Thought it was a pretty good building, good price especially for the awesome location. Apartments still have good character, ahd a huge junior 1 BR. One downside is the window a/c units are extremely noisy and old. The rooftop has been closed for awhile due to fire marshall concerns.

  • Bought a couch on craiger’s from here. Outside super cool, location incredible, entryway pretty cool, parking impossible, city noise constant and apartments not as cool as everything else about the building would suggest. Very basic, not impressive at all. I’d choose to live elsewhere. But the curb appeal rocks!

  • I had a friend that lived here in ’00-’01. It’s a neat building with great character, but it is old and needed updating at the time (not sure what they’ve done since then, though). My friend lived in a studio there and it was super-small.

  • It is a Bernstein Management building – they have several of these older “Best Addresses” buildings that have become rental (I live in the Chalfonte, another one of their buildings that also appears in the book), they also have one around 12th and mass I’m forgetting the name of, and Kew Gardens over on Q street in Georgetown.

    In all their buildings from this 1920-1930’s era that I’ve seen you can expect competent but basic management. Basic, outdated but functional kitchens. Hardwood floors. Owner supplied (but old and moldy) window AC units. Utilities included. They repaint between residents, which means that the paint is about 80 layers thick, so a lot of the original detail has been lost, which is kind of sad. They’ve updated the exterior windows on some properties, which cuts down a lot on outside noise and since they’re old buildings, you’ve got less problem with neighbor-noise.

    The other important detail is that most of them are also rent controlled. So the prices can be pretty reasonable for the size you get.

  • I just moved from here two months ago (before moving to Petworth). I lived there for two years and largely moved in b/c it just looks so damn cool. I had a studio, but it was huge and relatively cheap for the great location. Also, it had these awesome French doors that separated the small entry way and bathroom from the main room. It is an old building, but I didn’t really have any problems … cool in summer, warm in winter. Management was great too … but I really wish we could access the roof!

  • Is it true that President Madison once called this building home?

  • ‘Fraid not. Madison died in 1836 – long before this building went up. Sample floor plans here if anybody’s curious:


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