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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • I was walking up 14th street on friday and about a block or two north of Park saw a guy selling mini turtles, in small terrariums right on the sidewalk. I forgot about it til I read the express this morning. Anyone else see it? Is this just a regular occurrence I have missed?

  • I once saw a guy walking his tortoise on Belmont Street in Adams Morgan. I was too surprised to even ask him anything…

  • RANT: you literally can’t leave anything even close to valuable-looking in your car overnight. in fact, let’s forget the word valuable too. you can’t leave anything ever other than trash and maybe a t-shirt in your car overnight here. Brother visiting for the weekend got his car completely jacked on sat. night on 13th between Kenyon and Lamont. my car’s been jacked (for stuff not worth anything, let alone the price of the window) and so’s my boyfriend’s car.

    and no one will ever stop these people even if they were seen- because who needs to get into a fight with thieves who’ll most likely hurt them? i personally wouldn’t blame anyone who might have seen this for walking the other way- i don’t want you to end up in the hospital over something like this.

    but it makes me feel outraged and impotent.

  • I found a reasonably nice Schwinn hybrid bicycle in my backyard last night. I assume it had been stolen and left there by the thief. At least I can’t think of any legitimate reason someone would leave a bike unlocked in my back year. Anyway I am sure someone else would have re-stolen it if I left it, so I took it inside.

    If it is yours or you know someone who lost such a bike in Columbia Heights, describe it to claim it. If I can’t find an owner in a week or so I’ll turn it over to the police. My email address is on my blog linked from here.

  • No offense Anon 12:43 but some of people refer to theft from auto as an idiot tax….

    Someone down in Dupont has a turtle that I’ve seen her “walk” in the triangle park at T/New Hampshire/17th.

  • Rant: had a flat tire this morning. The culprit: a great big bolt, jammed right through the tread. Oh well, someone lost a bolt and is out 35 cents.

    Mini turtles? I would love to see that! I wonder if it’s legal to sell them in DC. They’re banned in PA, because they can carry salmonella.

  • Anonymous at 12:34 – I walked by that, too. Was a little concerning – I can’t imagine that those turles are treated well or that they aren’t going to die within a day or two. There’s no wya that’s legal, either.

    I’ve also seen a woman walking her turtle; she had it in a neighbor’s yeard on Newton Street.

  • Wow – didn’t realize how many awful typos my comment had until after I read it!

  • Rant: All this freakin’ rain

    Rave: Arby’s Mini Turtle N Cheese sliders

  • RANT: I had a freaking RAT in my HOME on Saturday night. It was horrible! By dumb luck I got him corralled in the bathroom, then barricaded him in till my maintenance man could come get him around 11am Sunday. GROSS!!!

  • rant 1: 8 weeks and counting. Unemployment office STILL has not called my employer to verify my income so that they can release my benefits. I’m running out of savings.

    Rant 2: my neighbor is obsessed with his leaf blower and is once again walking up and down the streets and alleys of his block moving every bit of debris to another spot, so he can come back tomorrow and blow it to yet another spot. the noise is a nuisance.

    Rave: can’t think of anything.

  • to adams morgan… while i get what you’re saying… that’s why this is a rant. it’s still a crime, and placing all the responsibility on the victims implies that it’s not. yes, people need to be personally responsible, but that still doesn’t mean that it’s okay to break a window with a chunk of concrete. that’s like telling a rape vitim that it’s her fault for wearing “provocative” clothing.

  • It is a violation of federal law to sell turtles with a carapace (shell) under 4 inches across.
    See Title 21, Code of Federal Regulation, Sec. 1240.62. This reg was promulgated pursuant to 42 USC 264, governing the Control of Communicable Diseases. 42 USC 371 establishes the penalties for any violation of a regulation promulgated pursuant to 42 USC 264. Violations are misdemeanors punishable by 1 year or $1000, but by applying 18 USC 3571, the fines can be increased up to $100,000 for Class A misdemeanor not resulting in death.

  • Rant: Been looking for a roommate to share my awesome English basement in Columbia Heights for weeks with no luck. Now I have to look for a roommate and a new apartment at the same time and go with whatever happens first. I hate moving!

  • Comparing theft from auto with rape is shameful.

  • @ Matt G – I too saw the turtle being walked on Belmont ROAD in AM.

    Rave: Post Hunt 2009, got all 5 questions right!! Not even close to getting the final question. Its sunny today!

  • If I saw a turtle in a car wearing provocative clothing, I would steal it…

  • @anonymous 1.12.pm – I seriously loathe leafblowers. The accomplish nothing besides moving trash from point A to point B, then back again. And creating incredible noise and airpollution. They should be banned. Who can we talk to about this?

  • @anonymous 1.12.pm – I seriously loathe leafblowers. The accomplish nothing besides moving trash from point A to point B, then back again. And creating incredible noise and airpollution. They should be banned. Who can we talk to about this?

  • Flip It has an outdoor patio seating area, and the building it’s in is now fully occupied. They have an apostrophe error on their flimsy sign though.

  • Rant: Just bought my first bottle of Glucosamine Chondroitin; I’m officially an old man.

    Rave: AZ in 3 days.

  • Rave: Cant wait to rock the PoP tee-shirt I got from winning the caption contest a few weeks back.

    Rave/Rant: The Prince himself delivered it to my apartment. While PoP was waiting outside my building some (presumably) homeless/drunk man decided to pee on my neighbor’s building across the alleyway. I would much prefer that didn’t happen at all, let alone at three in the afternoon. Alas, if it must happen, at least it happened in front of someone that can laugh it off rather than one of my less accustomed, out of town guests. The Beautiful Life indeed.

    Rave: Eatonville. Service has some kinks still – though the staff is super friendly, but the food is great and pretty reasonably priced. Mint juleps. mmmmmm.

  • Rant: Increasingly jealous of Jimmy D’s t-shirt collection enhancing wit.

    Rave: No work next Monday, hooray for summer’s dawn!

  • Also-

    Rant: Plain-clothed officers injured while breaking up an armed robbery in progress in Adams Morgan this weekend.

    Rave: We have plain-clothed officers breaking up armed robberies!!!!!! (I feel weird that I am to the point of celebrating something like this. After all, that we need officers performing this type of work really sucks. On the other hand, I am so happy and thankful to hear MPD is taking this approach and that the officers involved stepped up despite the obvious personal risks of doing so. Very glad to hear they are ok. I really hope there are more plain-clothed patrols going on in the future.)

  • I want a mini turtle! It takes me back to when I used to have one when I was 7 years old living in Korea.

  • Rave: Going to Punta Cana on Friday with the boyfriend!
    Rant: I have to wait til Friday!

  • hey anonymous 1:12 I can totally help you with unemployment, I have connections from my short time being unemployed in January. Email me at [email protected] and I’ll get you in touch with someone at DC Unemployment who will get things done.

    And my rave: Moved in to the new sweet place! and my rant: Had to yell at Pepco for hours on end to get electricity turned on at said new sweet place… and moving was a bitch. But it’s over!

  • U street girl: at least pepco’s service department is still in the US. If your washington gas service ever gets cut off you end up in an Accenture call center in India that’s unable to do anything other than answer billing questions.

  • @adams morgan again…

    it’s shameful to tell *any* victim of a crime that it was their own fault. *you* certainly don’t get to pick and choose which ones are the victim’s responsibility and which ones a SO BAD that HOW DARE someone compare them.

  • I think it’s fair to say, if you do something that INVITES a robbery, then you absolutely bear some of the blame for what happens. Leaving stuff in sight in your car is pretty well established in these parts as an action that invites a car break-in.

    Suppose your house was robbed, because your roommate had left the door unlocked. Would you blame them at all, or just say “it’s not your fault, it’s the thief’s fault?” Leaving stuff in sight in your car isn’t much different, since that is well known to invite criminals to break into your car. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a victim. But it also means that your own negligence created an opportunity for the thief.

    If someone is injured in a fire and there were no smoke detectors, I assume you would blame the landlord who didn’t ensure that their were operating smoke detectors, as well as the person who started the fire. The law certainly does.

  • i just bought my first digital camera! i cant wait to start taking pics left and right…hmm, maybe ill start a blog…a blog about living in the city…and i shall call it dukeofdc dot com. hooray!

  • Rave: I second the appreciation of MPD and the brave, plain-clothes officers who are on the street to stop crime as it occurs, as opposed to taking reports after the fact. Thank you very much.

    Rant: Everything else.

  • Rant: Bicyclist who won’t use the bike path on Rock Creek Parkway.

  • rant – ahhh deadlines!

  • I have nothing to be angry about and CHRIST that PISSES ME OFF…

  • Adams Morgan @12:54:

    No offense Anon 12:43 but some of people refer to theft from auto as an idiot tax….

    1. How can you expect to say something and not cause offense? You are basically calling someone an idiot, which I would say is rather offensive.

    2. How is theft from auto an ‘idiot’ tax? Are you saying that the driver is an idiot for leaving valuables in his/her car, or for having a car in the first place? To me, an idiot is someone who mistakenly believes that he/she can tell other people how to live; or someone who believes that other people actually listen to their sage lifestyle advice. What if you leave no possessions in the car, and the thief breaks in to your ride to steal the airbag? Or how about the catalytic converter from under the car?

    I’ve never been big on blaming the victim. Even in a city with as much crime – and especially property crime – as DC (3rd highest property crime rate in the nation) it makes no sense to blame honest people for the criminal acts of others. These days, almost anything could be considered to be ‘inviting’ crime, whether it is walking on the streets at night, or wearing nice clothes, or living in a shiatty area. I tend to think that one of reasons that D.C. will never be a safe city is that there are too many apologists living here who would blame the victim for not taking sufficient precautions rather than targeting the individuals committing these criminal acts.

  • Anonymous 3:17 pm,

    I do empathize with your situation as a crime victim. True victims of crime and the law-abiding will find little understanding around here.

    It’s all lost in the cloud of collectivist group think.

    Adams Morgan is a liberal apologist that stands with the criminals and scofflaws and those in our neighborhood that associate with them.

    Instead of standing with law-abiding citizens and the victims of crime, he writes, rants, and talks on and on and on and on to the point of making you feel that you are responsible for the crime just committed.

    Very revealing and testament to why we continue to live with all this crime in our environment is that Adams Morgan is yet another elected official so falsely and lawlessly inclined, our divisive and highly opinionated ANC Chairman.

    Anyone who disagrees is “shameless” and worthy of contempt as he just described you on this blog earlier this afternoon.

    A self described “Populist Henchman”, he’s in a position to work and to help bring law and order for everyone in our neighborhood,

    but would rather entertain himself writing prolifically on these community blogs, dividing us, passing judgement, and telling the law abiding how we should run our lives and serve the poor and disadvantaged and on, and on.

    Makes you wonder, Anonymous 3:17 pm, what is truly “shameful” as he continues to write and pass judgement on us.

  • AMEN to Anon5

    “I tend to think that one of reasons that D.C. will never be a safe city is that there are too many apologists living here who would blame the victim for not taking sufficient precautions rather than targeting the individuals committing these criminal acts.”

  • Jamie @3:34 PM:

    Contributory negligence is not a defense to robbery or burglary. Contributory negligence/comparative negligence is a defense to negligence. No prosecuting attorney or judge would reduce criminal charges against a defendant because the victim had failed to lock their front gate, or lock their windows, or ‘invited’ crime in any similar fashion. That would be almost like saying, “well, you know you live in a shithole; you should have expected your degenerate neighbors to rob you blind.”

    In a just, law-abiding society, one would be able to leave one’s car outside overnight, with the door open and keys in the ignition, and have no fear that the car would have gone missing by morning. When one cannot do so, it is a sad commentary on the state of our city. Granted, D.C. has a looonnng way to go before becoming a just and law-abiding society.

  • Rave: Its almost memorial day! I love rolling thunder!

    Rant: cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel (aka memorial day) for fear of getting hit by the oncoming train of major june events at work, lobbying on a bill and solicting others to write letters for the lobbying cause and monthly accounting…

    Rant2:ex boyfriend decided he wants to come to dc this weekend and see me.

    Rave2: thankfully hes staying somewhere else…

  • Anon 4:28…cranky much? I am not the Chair of the Adams Morgan ANC as I can guarantee you that he’s too busy doing actual work than posting anonymously on blogs. But if you think I am and that makes you feel better about yourself, then go for it. And if you feel like someone is passing judgement on you, then you must have something to be judged for…

  • Adams Morgan,

    A quick read of today’s entries, and a long read of your previous blog entries reveals just who you are.

    A female neighbor of ours rants today about her brother’s car being broken into (normal).

    She and her visiting brother are victims.

    You write calling her an “idiot”.

    Then after someone later writes understandably and with compassion,

    you call them “shameless”.

    Who is divisive and quick to pass judgement ?

    Who’s really “shameless” ?

    And who’s been the real “idiot” ?

  • Yes, clearly I’m a shameless idiot…thanks for pointing that out to me. Thanks PoP posters, I’ll be sure to assess my entire being because you’ve been able to figure out “just who I am” based on my (like your) anonymous posts….

  • Gosh folks, I’m sure that the Adams Morgan person didn’t really intend to call the original poster an idiot, just like I’m sure the subsequent person really didn’t mean to compare theft from auto to rape. I don’t think any of us can really judge what other folks are truly like based on what people write on a blog…PoP, maybe instead of Rant/Rave days, we can just have a Rave day…I think we could all use some straight up good news…

  • Rave: Took the day off and spent part of the lovely day at the old Bladensburg Port park… an unexpected pleasure.

    Rant: well, nothing really…. it was a great day

  • OK in the general scheme of life’s tribulations this rates as a minor rant. But it’s MY rant. \

    Rant: People who walk on my yoga mat during class. Hey, I’m going to put my nose in that space you just walked across….can you not walk around?????

    Rave: Lots of lettuce, spinach and various greens coming up. Home grown salad very soon!

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    I’m a better man than all of ye milksops put together.


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