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I thought this was a cool shot particularly given our discussion on scooters last week. julia.m titled the photo ‘Twins’ and writes, “I’m curious if the people who own these scooters know one another, or if one of them saw the other parked there and thought it would be funny to put them next to each other…”

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  • I walk past these every day on my way to/from work. They both appeared at the same time so my guess is they were purchased together, but that’s just my guess.

  • photo is a great highlight of the the Genuine Buddy – a very good scooter designed by a Chicago company. they even have some pretty fly colors. great product for the money and not a cheap-o plastic scoot that falls apart after 3 months….

  • Agreed, one of the very few ‘other’ companies that are on-par with Vespa, Honda & Yamaha. I’m always surprised at how many really cheap/cr*ppy Chinese scooters there are around. Most of them likely aren’t even street legal, not that anyone bothers to tag them anyway.

  • Aww, Buddies! Great shot. Perfect for a rainy day.

  • I HEART my Buddy… best investment I’ve made in the city. And, most scoots are tagged they just take them off when they park so they don’t get a $100 ticket… damn the man!

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