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  • Big fan of the Van Ness location!!

  • Cool! Just so long as they don’t offer “contemporary reinterpretations of classic Italian fare.” Like “deconstructed pasta primavera” consisting of flour, water, salt, and a picture of a bag of Birdseye Frozen Vegetables. Playful yet profoundly irritating, like walking for miles with a thumbtack in your shoe.

  • They are not pretentious at all. See how for example they list “Four Cheese” under “PizzE”…

  • Will they be open for lunch on weekdays? Will they sell by the slice? If so, bye bye to my lunchtime Circulator-to-Pete’s A Pizza commute!

  • …or not. Still no signs of life at ITP.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It seems they were a bit over optimistic in their estimate. I’ll be sure to update when they open!

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