Good Deal or Not? Sauna Edition


This home is located at 1442 Q Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Beautiful 3 story, master suite with suana & private bath, living room on 1st & 2nd floors, sep dining room, hardwood floors. Additional bedroom & bath on 2nd flr, garage pkg, landscaped front yard. One of the best blocks in DC. AS IS condition.”

More info and a virtual tour found here.

This home is nearly a house porn edition but it just sneaked under. It was also featured as a door of the day, back in the day.


I think this is the first house I’ve seen that has a sauna. But does $997,300 sound right for a 2 bed 2.5 bathroom house? Also what do you think about the house itself?

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  • I love the ’80s.

  • I was just about to say that 1:04. Also, that is one of the worst laid out homes I have ever seen. It isn’t worth the price, but it does seem by moving a few walls this place could be a 4bdrm home, thus making the price a little less ridiculous. I guess you are paying for the possibility, not the reality.

  • Oh hells no. Not even close. I mean, great … SFH in a nice location, but that’s about it. I think they had to keep list under a million to prevent people from laughing out loud. I’m going to say it’s about 150k high.

    Plus, the sellers would be penalized like 100k on sale for their horrendous decorating choices if I had my way.

  • That lamp is better than the leg lamp from “A Christmas Story.” Is it for sale?

  • wow, what a disappointment. from the outside i was expecting a lot of character from this place. i’d say it’s severly overpriced given that it needs a complete interior makeover to bring it out of the don johnson era.

  • The paint color choices are pretty awful, the lighting in the master bathroom is just bizarre, and I think in a rowhouse I’d much rather have another big closet than a sauna (!?). The kitchen also leaves something to be desired.

    Otherwise, not too bad… Not certain it’s worth nearly a million dollars though.

  • Hell no. I couldn’t get past the wall colors, the ugly furniture, out dated kitchen, and was that wood paneling in the one bedroom?

  • Obviously no one there watched and of the “Designed to Sell” shows (and one is filmed in the DC area) or “Get it Sold” on HGTV.

  • I think you all are selling this one short. There is another smaller house on the block which was put up for sale recently at 569,000, and was completely unliveable and needs a complete and total gut renovation, or in other words about another 300,000 to 400,00 to make it habitable. I am told a bidding war took place, and the house, now under contract, went for 600,000 plus. This house is not only liveable, but some money has been put into renovating it, and it’s bigger. Once the furniture is gone and the walls painted, it might look entirely different. This house may not go for the asking price, but I bet it does well just due to the location.

  • oh my god – was that purple. Wow- just wow…who lives here?

  • My guess is it goes for $899k.

  • Y’all are crazy. Who cares if the paint color isn’t ideal. That’s why God gave us arms…to repaint.

    Also, you could always bring your own furniture. Just a thought.

  • Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

  • Typical of the commenters here to vastly undervalue a house because they don’t like the paint choices. It may not go for the asking price, but it will probably be closer than most people here think.

  • @Jim on Randolph. For that price, a house of that size in that area should not require repainting every room, completely redoing the kitchen and ripping out paneling in one bedroom. Granted those things can be changed, but for a million I’d want a move-in ready, or at least a decorators credit.

    My guess? Under $800K when all is said and done. Or $900K if the owners take the advice of an experienced stager…….

  • I think it’s too high, but because of the size, not the decorating or the paint colors. Just did a little playing around here:

    and the last time a house in zip code 20009 with less than FOUR bedrooms sold for more than $900k was Oct. 2008. Didn’t go back far enough to see when the last time a 2br house in that zip code sold for that much.

  • I don’t think people are commenting about the paint color because they don’t realize they can paint it, they are just saying it’s ridiculous (and foolish) for someone to try and sell a million dollar house with disgusting colors and fashion choices. And you don’t sell a million dollar house AS-IS! What is the seller hiding?

  • I don’t know what it’s worth, or care really, but I’ve just been cracking up for the last few minutes thinking about the person who lives there. I’m imagining Richard Simmons if things had turned out differently and he went to law school. Or maybe a DC lobbyist version of Christopher Guest’s character from Waiting for Guffman.

  • you guys are too funny. you scoff at the formulaic granite and stainless steel houses, then up comes one with some serious (if outmoded) style and customization and nothing but hate for it. personally i think this place is awesome, obviously was designed back in the 80s and left unchanged, but has great bones and was clearly done exactly how the owner wanted to live. i especially love the wacky colored eames chair! holy crap!

  • JohnnyReb’s comment is [email protected] hilarious and soooo true! Beetlejuice! This place screams new money – possibly Russians.

  • the sauna may indicate Russians, indeed, or maybe Finns.

  • Am I appalled by the design choices and furnishings? Of course.

    Do I realize that the furniture will be gone and $3000 worth of painting can undo all the piss-poor palettes? Of course.

    And I still think it’s overpriced. There is nothing outstanding about that place, save the location and garage parking. It’s smallish, poorly laid out (the kitchen looks awfully cramped and would be much better as an eat-in kitchen w/ the sunroom), the second bedroom is in an English basement, and the outdoor spaces are minimal and underdesigned. In short, it’s not a million-dollar home. Maybe mid-to-high 800s, or even low 900s, but not a million dollar home. And you can have the same sauna put in your home for $6000, I’d imagine. It shouldn’t be a main selling point, so much as a unique feature.

  • … and I said that with love, not hate. Whoever it is is obviously having a good time.

  • Actually, the master bedroom is in the basement. I would find that so depressing.

  • Good deal…Nein!

  • While recognizing that underneath the atrocious furnishings, this property has good bones, I do think there is a substantial amount of work that needs to be put in, which makes the asking price too high.

    The living room & dining room floors do not match the rest of the house (clear maple) nor are true to the architectural style. The fireplaces have been covered over in a very shabby way and should be restored. The paneling in the great room and master bedroom will damage the drywall when removed, if it wasn’t already damaged before. The master bath doesn’t have a genuine shower enclosure (the plastic ceiling finish suggests prior ownership of eastern european descent).

  • anon, this house is located in 20005, and Q in between 14th and up is a highly desired street. It is terrible on the inside, but any real buyer has to look at the structure and bones. I bet this house will be off the market in the next two weeks near asking… location, baby, location!

  • AA, actually if you look at the map PoP included the zip code is 20009.

  • Ditto on all the comments about how laughably awful the design choices are.

    I disagree with the comments that the place is small. Honestly, it’s not bad (judging from the dimensions indicated on the floor plan).

    The real problem, as several folks have pointed out, is that the house is very poorly designed. Tons of wasted space (e.g., who needs a utility room the size of a master bedroom?).

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