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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Did ya’ll see this post from Washington Kaleidoscope mentioning changes that might be coming to Looking Glass Lounge?

    I’d be bummed if it becomes a music venue with a cover charge – I’m too old for that stuff! But I’d be interested to hear everyone else thinks?

  • oh god. i hope it doesn’t turn into another Wonderland after this.

  • Rant. Oh, to have police interested in working with the public: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/04/09/AR2009040903504.html

    Rave: The WaPo peeps contest is the annual reminder that DC might actually be a cool city….


  • What’s wrong with Wonderland? I’m sure that the owners don’t mind that business is booming, and, as I homeowner in the community, neither do I!

  • Rave: Sparky has been returned to his owner!!!

    Rant: I haven’t heard anything about how the teens that stole him are going to be punished.

  • Rave: Got back from the beach yesterday and am extending “Spring Break” by going to Opening Day.
    Rant: No matter how hard I try, I can’t get into baseball. I’m not a “pink hat” girl. I actually make a point to know who’s playing, who’s batting, who’s pitching, the score, but I have to work at paying attention. I go to a decent amount of games, because I really want to be a baseball fan (because what else is there between basketball and football?) but I have never really been able to care. This could be because I’ve never lived anywhere with good baseball teams (Pittsburgh, Baltimore, San Francisco, Europe) or a great baseball culture (Baltimore is the only place that gets sort of into it). I thought when the Nats came maybe I could finally find my way to true baseball fandom, but that didn’t go so well. Do I have to move to Chicago (where I would undoubtedly be a Sox fan) or, God forbid, Boston, to learn to love baseball?
    Rave: Go Nats!

  • Wonderland doesn’t have a cover charge though, do they? I’ve never had to pay a cover there. I’m bummed about that more than I am about the music/DJs part… I’m a cheap old bastard, apparently!

  • Rave – Planted tomatoes, peppers, basil and lavender in my back yard on friday to soak up the rain.
    Rant – I think they all froze last night.

  • I’ve never cared about any sports. It always seemed so irrelevant to me. What does it matter which team wins? The teams don’t really represent your city. The players are recruited from all over the country and world. Worse yet, they are often traded bewteen teams showing no loyalty to a city.

  • Hey, Nichole..

    What else is there between Football and Basketball? SOCCER! Go to a DC United game and you will find great fans, a great atmoshpere and a crappy stadium. But the games are blast. Check on the game on Friday night against New England. You can always buy tickets at the door and it’s supposed to be a nice night. Give it a try!

  • Rant: Blew out rear driver side tire while driving through PA just north of Philly yesterday (damn pennsylvania potholes)

    Rant: Just bought this BRAND NEW 2009 Honda a month ago.

    Rave: New car comes with the tire pressure monitoring system and alerted me that my tire was low so I didn’t drive on the rim (that sounds dirty).

    Rant: Tires are freaking EXPENSIVE. These are 18R 235mm suckers…

    Rant: Had to drive 50-55 mph on a spare the entire way back to DC last night. Took 4 hours.

    Rave: I have an excuse to leave work early to get my car fixed. Cross your fingers that the rim wasn’t damaged, alignment isn’t off, and frame isn’t damaged.

    Unrelated Rant: Servers at work are destroyed because the cooling unit malfunctioned over the weekend.

    Unrelated Rave: I can’t do work without the servers.

    I hope the rest of the week doesn’t suck as much.

  • @Col Heights – DC United appeals to me b/c it’s close to my house and I can easily walk there. Until they move to wherever the hell they’re going. I went to a few games with a guy I used to date and they were fun. Maybe I’ll try again. I just hope I don’t run into him there; he was kind of an annoying ass.

  • RANT: Am I the only who feels that it is always Monday? Like the weekend goes by in a blink of an eye then we have to be back at work. Mondays are always the day that never ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Rant: Lame ex-boyfriends who don’t move out of the city when you are done with them.

    Rave: DCU games are awesome.

  • I would be completely stoked about live music at the looking glass. There’s not much north of U st. for live music. I know Wonderland does it occasionally, but the room is pretty inconvenient. Other than that . . . just occasional house shows and rare shindigs at al-fishawy. As long as it is not limited to like . . . crappy faux irish cover bands or something, i’m in. i like the looking glass anyway; i’ll be sure to show up when they have live music.

  • Col Heights — I am with you!!!

  • Rant: Felt bad for the 52 driver this morning that didnt stop at the McPherson stop because no one requested the stop. As he drove by, he suddenly had a bunch of people yelling at him who apparently thought the busdriver should have known they wanted to get off there. Is it so hard to pull the cord?
    Rave: It’s been a quiet day at work.

  • RIP Harry Kalas

  • My school might have been the only one open on Easter Monday. That didn’t bother me.

    But – that I had about 12 out of 67 total students come today – and that the same is bound to repeat itself on Emancipation Day – and that the internet was out all day –

    That was bothersome.

  • Rant: I seriously dislike my job. As in, every morning is an inner struggle to make myself get out of bed and actually go to the office. Why? My boss and one certain co-worker. I’m stressed ALL OF THE TIME, to the point that some nights I can’t sleep. I can’t do ANYTHING to my bosses approval (although, luckily, the E.D. likes me and you can’t go higher than him). And the more unhappy I get, the worse job I do. It’s a miserable, life-sucking spiral. Why not quit? Because I need my good health insurance and can’t afford a few unemployed months without it.

    Rave: My brother finally posted new pictures of my niece and nephew on flickr. It’s hard watching them grow up from afar, but thanks to the glory of the internet I at least get pictures!

  • Rave: We were off today and Thursday, at least for this year, will be a holiday too. What a short week. But that’s just a little break for this week to be followed by…

    Rant: Starting April 20th, DC schools will start standarized testing and the world stands still. It’s all we do, all we care about, that the kids will do well and our school, as well as about 75% of the schools in DCPS, will make AYP (adequate yearly progress, required by No Child Left Behind law). The pressure to make AYP is great, as are the controls put in place this year, with monitors coming in to make sure no one is cheating, and I don’t just mean kids!!

  • Rant: Crazy people at the library — GO. HOME.

  • ET – maybe you should go home, since it is far more likely that you have one.

  • Rant: Whew, taking the H8 from Rhode Island to Georgia Ave. tonight someone kept letting off some F5 stink bombs. I had to leave the window wide open. Everyone kept looking at each other suspiciously, but I was the only one who actually said something…’Man, who is doing that?!?!’…

  • really victoriam? since when is the library a halfway house for the mentally unstable homeless?

  • christopher, in DC its been a longstanding tradition. Check out MLK library downtown, right across the street from the Catholic Charities shelter, which releases its group into the street at about 7am I believe, and they hang out there all day in all their glory, coming into the MLK library for toilets and such. You’ll be amazed. Recently there was a push to limit homeless bringing in all their luggage and such, but not sure if that’s taken effect at all. Its one of those incredibly sad things where drunken detrius urinate amidst kids and others trying to use the library. Not saying all homeless are drunken detrius of course, but the vast majority hanging out in that particular spot are. Or sadly schizophrenic.

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