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  • That looks like Belmont near 15th. What style/period rowhouse is that with the circular arches and light brick?

  • As my mom would say, this house has a nice patina.

  • Yup, that’s Belmont and 15th st. I walk past there all the time and I wonder about the vacant lot right next door. Anyone know what’s up with that?

  • Holy crap, I just walked by that house last night for the first time and couldn’t stop staring at it. Then I thought, I bet PoP would like that house too. And it stuck with me for the next 10 min. on my walk home. Get out of my head!

  • We live across the street from this house. The vacant lot is relatively new- until last year there was an abandoned rowhouse in that spot but it collapsed and the city tore it down. This house is gorgeous but could use a little TLC. We’ve never been able to figure out the story of the folks that live there- they don’t come out much. Often find homeless folks and others sleeping on the porch though. No one seems to mind.

  • It’s amazing that the old copper bay window and dormers have survived this long! I bet it would cost an absolute fortune to replace that bay if/when it starts to fail… That protruding “deck” off of the front is rather awkward looking. Poor thing looks a little strange with its old neighbor now torn down.

  • This is an interesting and potentially amazing house that has been in decline for years due to neglect. The owner also owned the building next door that collapsed due to negligence last year–made the evening news. Thus the empty lot. The city didn’t tear it down, the owner was forced to remove the debris by the city. There are no regular tenants in the house pictured, just occasional homeless folks and short-term boarders. The owner lives with his wife in the yellow building to the right of this one. The irony is that the city made a strange and rare exception to its sq footage rules and granted the owner approval to add a floor to his other home at the corner of 15th and Belmont. Can’t figure out the logic of that one, especially given the history of neglect.

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