Judging Restaurants – Mayur Kabab House


The Mayur Kabab House is located at 1108 K Street, NW. Their Web site says:

“We are specialize in Indian, Pakistani kabab and curry cuisine. We provide catering for all the occasion like birth day, wedding and langer. for over 9 years, we have been providing quality service for each and every occasion in a pleasant atmosphere.”

So what’s a “langer”? But more importantly how’s the food?


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  • Actually, I think the website says that they specialize in “weeding,” not wedding.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    hahaha. Yeah, I took the liberty of fixing that.

  • Food is cheap. It’s all you can eat. It’s OK to a point. There’s a very small transition point from “Hey, this is alright,” to “Ugh I shouldn’t have gotten seconds because now I feel sick.” People in my office swore by it. I tagged along more for the company than the food.

  • The food here is AWESOME. I don’t know if how it compares with other Indian restaurants in being “authentic” or whatever but all I can say is it tastes GREAT!

  • I love this place. They have a great lunch buffet. I used to work a block away from here and go all the time.

  • saf

    I work very close to the here. It’s so good, especially lunch.

  • I have been going here for 5 or 6 years and i love it. They have a lunch buffet for $8 and dinner buffet for $9. The food at the buffet is not the best Indian/Pakistani in the world but it is filling and NEVER bad. Their Naan is wonderfully greasy because of the traditional clay urn it’s cooked in and the kabobs and fish on the regular menu are downright tasty.

  • I have often gone here over the years; less so now that my office is further away though. The food is good and spicy. If you aren’t a fan of spice make sure you take a suprisingly large amount of raita (yogurt) which balances the heat. The daal and saag are especially good. The menu rotates by day. They also serve the meal with delicious naan fresh out of the tandoor. The old adage holds true here, look for people of the ethnicity that matches the restaurant’s and you’ll find a better spot.

  • Great lunch option, and dinner isn’t bad either. However, its not a posh place as its set up for the lunching herd.

  • I am of the lunching herd. Work close to this place. And I approve. Five curried thumbs up.

  • i “discovered” this place only about a year ago and love it. thumbs up. wish i had known about it sooner.

  • the food is very so-so. a let down in my opinion. I don’t think it deserves the “Indian” designation, it’s more “Pakistani” from what I can tell. not very spicy/flavorful.

  • Langer, from wiktionary: fool; idiot; annoying or contemptible person (usually male); penis.

    So I guess they’ll help you celebrate being a dick?

  • I’ve known this place for about three years now and at first liked it a lot. But over time they’ve renovated and improved the interior of the restaurant while the price for the food has gone up and the quality straight down. Last time I went the chicken was fairly raw and the food cold. I’ll try again and with another ‘not so good’ experience I’ll probably give up on it…

  • The food is just okay, but its all you can eat. Plus you can watch Bollywood films on the plasma screen.

  • Looks like someone must have mentioned the error to them, because it now reads: “We provide catering for all the occasion like Birthday, Wedding and Engagement.”

    I would have never guessed “engagement” for “langer”, but it’s cool that they resolved it.

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