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  • The building is cool and only half full. Definitely some spots still available. The one problem is the across the street neighbors. I’ve walked by the building hundreds of times and seen a ton of drug dealing, cops show up often, and lots of screaming and fighting. It’s tough and holding that cool building back.

  • I toured this building a year ago and was impressed by the quality of construction; however, I didn’t find the view of the discount gas station appealing & it’s on one of the most dangerous blocks in the area.

  • I love the look of the outside – I’m all about glass and brick. I just started reading PoP over the past two weeks (LOVE!) and reading all the “judging buildings” and “GDoN” blogs really makes me want to get a new [cool looking] apartment! Unfortunately I still have a year and 3 months left on my lease and any relatively cool apartment in DC is like 5 times what I can afford. My current studio is more than twice what I paid for a studio in Philly. If anyone has suggestions on this front, please let me know. My cost-of-rent scale has been seriously skewed since living down here.

  • looks like gentrification to me

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