Judging Buildings – 14th and Florida


A little over a month ago we took a look at this building on the east side of 14th and Florida. While I still like the angles I’m not so sure about the choice of brick. It seems to be getting bricked with that light tan color. I’m not really a big fan of this style. You guys?

On a related note, on the west side of 14th and Florida the sidewalk has reopened!


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  • hate it…

  • It looks more like a stucco. As long as the interior construction is decent I think it’ll be pretty nice. I also hate my apartment (more like my LOUD neighbors) at this moment in time, so I like anything besides my place.

  • While I hate Solea, I really like this building. The huge glass boxes jutting out are spectacular and will have, I’m sure, amazing views (they better given the name).

  • In general I like the building, but what is it with these new buildings having a gigantic concrete column jutting up through the corner of the building? That seems like such a waste of internal space, not to mention being extremely annoying!

  • Why judge this now, when it’s about half-finished? I wouldn’t be able to say either way because right now it’s mostly concrete. Come back to me in 6-9 months.

  • Anon 3:56, I think the columns have something to do with physics, gravity, structural soundness, and annoying details like that.

    (needed to snark out. thank you.)

  • Ditto on the brick color – not my favorite. That said, I still think it is going to look pretty cool once it’s all done. And oh to have a view like that…

    I also think that with these new buildings on either side, that will be a neat looking walk/drive down 14th.

    Great to see the sidewalk is open again.

  • –what is it with these new buildings having a gigantic concrete column jutting up through the corner of the building?–


  • Is there any good retail going in?

  • At least they included some tree boxes on the 14th Street side. Hopefully the trees, when planted, will soften that ugly expanse of gray sidewalk.

  • I think it’ll look cool and will make that stretch of 14th look like a canyon (who knows if that’ll be good or not). Anonymous @6:16, I heard a rumor a while back that Results Gym was moving there from U St. I don’t know how valid that was, though.

  • A local sandwich/bagel shop would be ideal.

  • This building is going to have the dopest views in the area.

  • is this a condo or apartment? are the selling?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The one on the west side is a condo, the Solea, that is selling.

    The one on the east side, I believe is supposed to be condo as well, I’m not sure if they’re selling yet, but I’ll be sure to update when I find out.

  • I think it’s ridiculous that everyone is praising this monstrosity so much. It kills the views of all the buildings behind it and it neglects the architectural history of the neighborhood, entirely. Just another example of “Starbucks architecture” that has invaded the U Street area.

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