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  • Cool! Have to try them both as ap.

  • haha! I hope Kikos doesn’t play that music while we are tasting their delicious chicken!
    I’m excited! After I’m finished eating I can go get my hair done in the place nextdoor.

  • Welcome to the area … I kinda wish business would try to diversify rather than being so incredibly redundant, but certainly better than vacant spaces. And with all these chicken places (Sabroso, Campero, Desi’s, Kiko’s, I am probably forgetting some) you figure the competition will make them all better …

  • Yep, I agree – I am hoping the same and this one is at least trying hard and is an independent/locally owned. Hope they keep it clean and focused on delivering a consistend good quality product. Pollo Campero for example is mediocre at best. Second, at least there are not that many of these in this particular section of 14th St that does have a lot of latin people around – so they might do well.

  • The coffee house looks uninviting. In a basement, mirrored front door. It was open yesterday and I could see in and it looks crappy. sigh.

  • I am still wondering how/ why/ if that building had proper permits and built according to the approved plan. It’s atrocious.

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