Good Deal or Not? Dueling Homes Edition


This home is located at 3548 Rock Creek Church Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Spacious brick rowhouse near metro station in the Petworth area. 4 bedrooms on second floor and 1 in law suite with private kitchen and full bath in basement. Hardwood floors.”

More info and photos found here.

Back in February I showed the house on the left at 3546 Rock Creek Church Road which was for sale for $399,000 (3 beds 2 baths). Today’s house located right next door is a bit larger at 4 beds 3 baths. Fortunately we have photos to look at which seem nice but certainly not a recent renovation. The asking price is $575,000. I’m curious what you think about that price but I’m equally curious to hear your advice when the house right next door is for sale? Does the fact that the home is larger warrant such a price discrepancy?

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  • I like the location (without knowing anything about the block…just going on proximity to the metro and to CH). The mortgage payment would be about $3100/month, and I bet you could rent out the basement for close to $1000. Getting a 4-BR for about $2200 a month (since the taxes seem wrong on the listing, let’s just call them a wash with the mortgage interest tax deduction) seems good, especially since the house looks pretty liveable (nice kitchen, floors, etc). I don’t love the paint colors or the back area but those are easily fixed and can be done bit by bit as the owner gets the money.

  • I looked at the place next door. The one on the left. Its a 70’s themed fungus trap. Moldly, water damaged and hideous. They will be lucky to get the high 200s.

  • Eh, I don’t like the location, it faces some heavy traffic, the front porch on both looks like it’ll fall any day. $575 is like 2007 prices. I’d maybe pay….$400 for the larger one, and $325 for the smaller one, probably would never live there but rent it out to families.
    I just don’t like the location, walked around that block and it’s not cozy…yet..might never be.

  • To Anon 2:02: When it says 4 bed rooms this probably includes the basement bedroom. So you’d actually be getting a 3-bed house for $2200/mo. I believe that is very average for the area. Assuming the house maintains its value, you’d be gaining equity. However, you are not saving any money each month vs. renting.

    The location of this house is great convenience-wise. However, it is right off N.H. Ave. Do people near there know if that section of the street gets a lot of noise?
    Also, I find the alley behind this house to be small, not very well lit, and it has several angry dogs; not an alley that I felt comfortable walking down even with my overly protective dog.

  • It’s not bad, except the bedrooms seem really small (bedroom #3(4) is only 8×9, ugh). It’s probably more realistic around $450-500.

  • Trubs-
    The listing lists 4 bedrooms on the second floor in multiple places. They’re really small, but there should be four of them.

  • hmm.. right you are. My bad.

  • Just noticed the window a/c units. Yeah, drop that price down to max $500.

  • I say $450K makes more sense, and it’s only over $400K because it’s between Petworth and CH, so walking distance from the new development. There’s no central air, the renovations are not recent so outdated (especially the bathrooms, yuck), and the backyard converted to a concrete slab is a hideous waste of space.

  • I see that this place has a window A/C unit in one bedroom that I can see, but in the listing it says there is central A/C. I’ve noticed this in other units from time to time, and usually there will only be one window unit in the whole house. I figure this means that there is in fact central A/C, but for whatever reason the previous residents felt that one room needed an extra boost, but I supposed that the agent might have just put central A/C in the listing when there is none in the house. Is that more likely, or a common thing to come across?

  • We have central AC but keep a window unit in the master bedroom. lets us keep our bedroom cold at night while not having to have the central AC down too low.

  • The condition of the house on the left seems like that might account for the price disparity. Also- if the in-law suite is a legal unit, that could really add value. I doubt it could rent for over 1000 though- the wording makes me think that the rental is a studio. In that neighborhood, I think 1000 for a studio is a stretch. To me, the asking price seems fair. In today’s market, they have to price the house expecting that they’ll get offers under asking and/or requesting closing costs to be covered.

  • For whatever reason, an extra bedroom seems to be good for about an extra $100k in list price. Not sure where one would get the additional $75k after that.

  • remember my house?

    4bed 3.5 bath

    Big kitchen

    Central AC

    everything was new

    I close next week and lets just say I think the Rock Creek Church house is over priced

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