Did They Both Really Agree on this Color?

DSCN6812, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

For the record I actually fall into the category of those who likes painted brick particularly when vibrant colors are used. However I found the color choice for this house a bit jarring. So this house had me scratching my head especially because it’s a two family house. So I was wondering if they both agreed to paint it this color or maybe one family lost a bet…

Speaking of two family homes, a friend of mine sent me a phenomenal photo essay from Slate which shows a series of “paired houses” where one is abandoned.

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  • I think the owner is just a REALLY big Redskins fan.

  • PoP, awesome link. It’s scary to think of what is happening with foreclosures in our inner cities. Foreclosure statistics are drastically different from lower-income to moderate-income neighborhoods. Cures are more common in moderate-income neighborhoods and reasons for foreclosure are typically illness or temporary unemployment–deemed more worthy of helping. I can’t imagine how this will effect homelessness in our major cities.

  • Wouldn’t have been so bad if they’d kept the trim white. That’s part of what makes it look weird.

  • Yellow is the new red since the inauguration. Hell, I can’t even find a St. Pattys shirt w/out Obama on it.

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