An oasis in the city: Constitution Gardens by BrightwoodLiving


My favorite place to get away from it all during the work week is Constitution Gardens. For downtown workers it’s a short walk (about 10 minutes from the White House). To avoid the tourists, I like to walk down 19th Street, where the entrance to the park can be found right across Constitution Ave. The park area contains a large man-made lake, a memorial and several walkways and (mostly empty) park benches.


The memorial island in the middle of the lake has stones bearing the names and signatures of the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence. Continues after the jump.


The park is an ideal spot for a lunchtime picnic. The National Park Service operates a snack shop in the park – perfect for an ice cream on a warm afternoon.


This is one of the few areas of the Mall with trees other than elms and with an understory, making it a migrant trap. Some of the birds and waterfowl that can be found here include mallards, Canada geese, bufflehead, warblers, orioles and sparrows.


Enjoy a respite from the tourist-heavy areas of the Mall, and give Constitution Gardens a try.

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  • I’m not sure if this is still the case, but as recently as 2 years ago, that snack shop pictured by the Signers Memorial sold cheap beer in cans. You had to stay within the area with the benches there, but it was a nice place to go and sit with a beer when you cut out of work early on a Spring day.

  • Oh, and I also like to call that Tractor Man pond. In honor of this guy.

  • These pictures are just beautiful. The 4th one down looks like a French impressionist painting, with the colors on the water. Monet, maybe.

  • It is a very pretty and overlooked part of the Mall and it’s sad to see the deterioration of the walkways and retaining wall around the pond due to Park Service neglect (brought on, no doubt, by lack of funding).

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