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  • How come I have never seen that before!?!!? What type of food? Anyone know if it is good?

  • Oohhs and Aahhs is AMAZING soul food. it’s more expensive than you’d think, but the portions are huge (easily enough for two, or for lunch the next day) and the food is tasty, and you can tell it is home made with love.

  • Great soul food! large portions, cash only. You can sit in the small upstairs dining area, but this place is good because of the food – not the atmosphere.

  • Go for the fried chicken and waffles

  • The food is not that good at all, lacks any substantial flavor besides grease. You can get a platter for 18 dollars or 8 dollars – too expensive for the food they are serving. The Chicken and Waffles at Creme are 100 times better and probably cheaper too.

  • The waitresses like to be called “baby”. You may get a discount if you call them that enough times.

  • It is surprising to see an establishment charging so much for an entree and not accepting credit cards.

  • Is O&A really new to you, PoP? It’s been a semi-underground sensation for quite a few years now…

    The platters of food are at least two meals worth, so keep that in mind when looking at the price. It’s not SUPER cheap, but pretty damn good. I had the chicken wings with mac and cheese and yams last time I went there. The wings were good not great, but the side dishes… oh yeah.

  • for those of you not familiar with it, it’s not just east of 13th, it’s actually between 10th and 11th…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    1005 U Street NW

  • yea, been around for a long while. I believe they have late night hours too (or did at some point).

  • I stopped going there a couple years ago after the Washingtonian started highlighting it and the food quality began to drop off. Haven’t been in years, maybe it’s on an upswing?

  • I just walked by there maybe 30 minutes ago, after taking my dog to the Logan d.p. He’s not one to stop and sniff, and he halted at their front door and sat down! I wouldn’t have even noticed it if it weren’t for the hungry dog. I wondered if that was the actual name of the place, or just a suggested reaction to its food..?

    And here you post it the same night; so weird.

  • It’s been a while, but the greens are or were good, and the fried whiting and shrimp too.

  • O&A is definitely an old favorite, during my Howard yrs I went a few times, I’m not typically one for soul food but it was tasty. Henry’s down the street just past 16th is good too

  • Here’s the deal with O&A. The price spiked and the quality became hit-or-miss. Same deal with Florida Avenue Grill. For the real deal soul food you want to go to Henrys.


    Or, better yet, get to Torries at Wilson near 930 Club on V.


    Cooking at both is consistently good and cheap. Solid comfort food without the boutique pricetag.

  • I don’t eat much soul food these days. Definitely wouldn’t eat it late at night. But I have a couple of friends that eat O&A’s like people eat pizza in Adams Morgan. In other words, they eat there late at night after clubbing but never have a craving for it otherwise. Soul Food in my opinion is just not meant to be mass produced. You just can’t prepare enough mac & cheese/collard greens/fried whiting to serve 100’s of people without resorting to a can or a box.

  • I went last summer, and had a great experience. They were about to close but let us stay and eat and chatted with us about their soon-to-be extended hours (not sure if that ever happened or not). The waitresses were incredibly friendly, the food incredibly good. Not super cheap, but for the portion size, it was definitely reasonable. My roommate and I went back to our place, to put the leftovers in the fridge, and went back out, and couldn’t stop talking about how much we were looking forward to eating the leftovers the next day — to the point where we annoyed our friends. I haven’t been going for a long time, so don’t know the history of the place / food quality, and I admit I’m not a soul-food expert, but I thought it was delicious and worth every penny.

  • I love soul food. How can you not when Macaroni and Cheese is considered a vegetable?

  • I had my 29th birthday party there – so this was a year and a half ago – and it was GREAT. Everyone loved the food, they reserved the entire upstairs for us, and it was cool b/c with each of us ordering at the counter, there were no awkward split checks. Topped the night off with beers at Solly’s. Great time!

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