New Restaurant – Hadiyah’s Cafe Opening Up at 3118 Georgia Ave.

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I totally dig their sign. It’s interesting that it says soul food and curry chicken – I think that’s an interesting combo. Sadly, it was closed when I walked by but I peeked in the window and it looks like it’ll be a casual dining spot.


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  • Hi! Thanks for capturing a new neighborhood business. A neighbor told me, “they’re Muslims and they serve mac n cheese.” So there are no pork products in their sould food/sausages/hot dogs.

    I think at this point they’re open for lunch and dinner most days.

  • suggestion. can you either give a cross street or inbed the gmap when you do restaurant posts

  • They left my a flyer on my door this weekend. Hours were 10-6?

  • If they don’t handle swine, I gotta wonder how good their soul food is. Soul food is all about bacon and ham hocks and chitlins and pigs feet.

  • Anon 9:16am — the cross-street is Kenyon (though I second the inclusion of a cross-street, since most of the time I don’t happen to know and am too lazy to google map unless the place sounds totally amazing).

    Boy, are 10-6 really the hours? I had read on New Columbia Heights that they would close early, but 6 seems really random. Like, just late enough to get into dinner but too early for anyone to actually get home and, you know, eat there. I’d become a frequent customer if they start staying open until 8 or 9, I was super excited when I heard a curry place was opening near me.

  • Look clean and nice inside which is not given at all on Georgia Ave, I’m afraid – yeah, I am picky that way. I’ll try for sure – all one can really say at this point! 🙂

  • I had taken my children there to eat and the food is great. who said soul food has to be about pork. something that causes high blood pressure and heart diease. The food is slammin. the resturant is clean and the people are friendly. It’s beautiful.

  • I’m kind of a salad and fresh fruit kind of girl, but dang! That Hadiyah’s BBQ chicken and mashed potatoes were amazing. My husband and I devoured the mac and cheese in a few seconds I think. Excellent service.

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