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  • Hideous! I imagine this is what the women’s correctional facility Martha Stewart did time at looked like.

  • I like it, but I think its going to look really tacky 30 years from now.

  • Barf, barf, barf. Those photos don’t do justice to how cheap the exposed grey cinder block and white aluminum siding look from the street. It distresses me that I have to look out my front door at this imitation of a character-less condo building every day. GforGood scolded me last time for calling it ugly, but it IS ugly.

  • I am barfing alongside John 3:45. Barf.

  • Looks better than a vacant, boarded up storefront.

  • Unfortunately I have to live down the street from this thing. I hope the one across 14th st. makes better choices with their facade. Does anyone know if they are putting retail on 1st floor?

  • Like it. Some people will barf anything modern with Glass. but it beats to hell and back the buildings by the CH metro. I like the Highland park for being an art deco throw back. But the others. what are they. Post Modern? looks like Clarendon.

  • Chris, two of the three retail spots were originally to go to Trade Secrets and Zawadi (former U St boutiques I think). Maybe I’ll get lucky and the third will be a sandwich shop or bakery or brewpub…drool.

  • So this will be turning rental when?

  • I concur with barf.

  • I don’t know. On the one hand mordern stuff can be cool. On the other hand it has a tendency to become uncool FAST. Remember how cheap the construction was?

  • glad this is the direction things are going in dc. its about time we got some decent buildings. I think archeticts are finally showing some interest in the city where as before It was just developers crapping out brick monstrocitys. The influx of glass is great. the new buildings in dupont and “Noma” for instance. really going to change the blah landscape of the town and will work much better alongside the historic buildings.

  • interesting. noma won’t have any historical bldgs. it’ll be kinda like a dwarf rosslyn within the confines of dc proper. still, why not? if we don’t like it, we’ll raze them in a decade or two…..

  • FYI- That white “siding”, if I’m not mistaken, is in the process of being covered in the grey stone.

    I looked at 3 units, and I wasn’t unimpressed… not bad for a new construction.

  • I like how I can see everything going on in every unit from the street. Owners are going to need to invest in window treatments. Or be exhibitionists.

  • “Looks better than a vacant, boarded up storefront.”

    In other words, colon cancer is better than lymphatic cancer.

  • I know we’re just judging this building by its current state and all, but really, it’s not done yet. It’s amazing to me that so many people are judging modern architecture (yes, that’s what it is) as ugly and cheap before they have seen inside or even seen a completed structure yet.

  • Jim, it’s true that it’s not finished, but it really does look bad up close. The photos are too kind. IF they cover the gray concrete blocks and IF the cover the white corrugated siding, it has a chance. It just doesn’t look like those materials are installed as a form of substrate, though. They sure do look like they’re intended to be “finish” materials.

    I guess it’s the retro slum look. I wonder if they will pre-graffiti it and install chains with padlocks on every unit instead of doorknobs.

    Where was it that I read one of the buildings at 14th and Florida went rental before it was even built? The owners couldn’t find enough condo buyers and admitted that they’d have to build fewer, larger rental units. The logic? Condo shoppers buy from floor plans and can’t tell how small the units are until it’s too late. Rentals have to be bigger because people visit before signing a lease.

  • in 20 years, most of you will be living in the ‘burbs with your families-residing in subdivisons with names like leaping deer ridge…. hipness is a short story.

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